Which rust kill?

puppetman, Apr 1, 4:38am
I have spot rust on my trailer just starting. Any suggestions for the best product to kill it?

puppetman, Apr 1, 5:02am
QUICK! The ri=ust has spread 0.1mm since I asked! ;)

dave653, Apr 1, 5:08am
Wire brush, 80 grit sand paper, make clean and shiney, PA10 or similar. not CRC steel primer.

elect70, Apr 1, 5:17am
Guthrie Bowron sell a good rust neutraliser , dilute, wipe on then let dry & wash off then prime it

trogedon, Apr 1, 5:32am

puppetman, Apr 1, 6:03am
What I am concerned about is I think the trailer was powder coated. so how far under the paint is the rust going? Yikes.

petermcg, Apr 1, 6:07am
There is a product at your hardware store that is white like milk, brush it on and it kills the rust, turns black opvernight and forms a primed surface for painting.

tintop, Apr 1, 7:06am
End to end - at 200kmph :)

tub4, Apr 1, 7:39am
An awesome product but must be over coated if its to last & it really does need rust for it to work.
You can also buy Brunox in a 1ltr pot so it can be brushed.

tomleitch, Apr 1, 9:41am
35% phosphoric acid does the trick, and creates a barrier you can leave or wire brush off and repaint.

dave653, Apr 3, 5:33am
Something I used years ago, 'Holts Rust Eater' (in a pink bottle!). I had bare steel exposed for more years I like to admit to, with Holts on it, with no issues at all. That steel is now primed and. almost, painted, and still no evidence of any rust!
I'm talking roughly 15 years. at a bad guess.

mephismeltdown, Apr 3, 6:36am
most trailers have surface rust.

melonhead1, Apr 4, 8:35am
I've used all sorts of rust products and the only decent way is inhibited hydrochloric acid. Never use straight hydrochloric acid, it must have an inhibitor in it which forms a barrier between bare steel and the HCl.

tony461, Mar 28, 5:03pm
Diluted phosphoric acid is the only ingredient in the bottles of rust converter/killer products in auto shops. Not cheap that stuff, somewhere around $20 per 500ml.
I gather Phosphoric acid is available from rural suppliers like (maybe) Wrightsons. It may be a much more economical way to buy and dilute for use.

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