Replace clutch for Ford Mondeo 2002

maitreyah., Apr 13, 7:04am
can someone give me a guideline as to how much we could expect to pay to get this replaced please? Thanks

intrade, Apr 13, 7:10am
what engine often new vehicle have dual mass flywheels especially diesel
toyota has had dual mass flywheel on ther 1988 onwards hilux diesels
these fail soon after clutch is replaced and take out the new clutch again. full dual mass clutch kit for most vehicle is 2000$ for the parts plus labour.

msigg, Apr 13, 8:41am
Can't answer for the Mondeo, but the Toyota you can replace it with a heavier solid flywheel, that's common, much cheaper. Ring around a few trans shops or the like, they will probably give you a quote.

fordcrzy, Apr 13, 8:52am
your looking at about $2500 from ford. the mondeos have a dual mass flywheel which "has" to be replaced also according to ford. if you rclutch is well burnt up and slipping then it probably will. also the throwout bearing is part of the whole arm and hydraulic unit so thats not cheap either. we managed to get ours done for about $1200 a few years back now as they could resurface and rebuild the dual mass flywheel.

xs1100, Apr 13, 9:18am
well there you go you certainly found the right person fordcrzy because last I heard no one could machine a dual do know what a dual mass consists of don't you and the principle or dare I say they didn't do it

xs1100, Apr 13, 9:18am
and yes op somewere around $2500 k

intrade, Apr 13, 10:38pm
ok some facts about dualmass flywheel
the manufacturer have the mechanic test the dualmass for fail or ok if it passes the test they can reuse the dual mass flywheel.
and here is why this is a bad idea to reuse it even if it passes the test.
The reason why you check if it is ok is because it does fail and there is usually no repair kit for dual mass flywheel
so if it did not fail when the clutch faild as quite some have failed when the clutch is worn. how long do you think the dualmass who tested ok will last ? will it last another whole clutch live since we know these usually fail togather in most cases, or will it fail anywhere from 10 to 50,000km after the new clutch was fitted= what is going to happen.
Now why you cant remove it on some vehicles unless you have a professionally engeneered spec solid flywheel nut just a engeneering shop making one up with the ring gear from the old dual mass as they used to do for the 90s toyota diesels.
The reason for dmf is one to reduce gearbox clatter noises for a smooth silent driver experiene , and two some manufacturer also built the job of the harmonic crankshaft balancer in to the dual-mass flywheel
So removing this is removing the harmonic balancer design from the engine leading to unbalanced forces and in worst case snapped crank-shafts.

tamarillo, Apr 14, 4:38am
2500 on a mondeo! Bloody hell.

fordcrzy, Apr 14, 4:48am
we were lucky. it was the cover plate springs that went in ours and i got on to it early so it didnt fry the clutch and flywheel. the dmf springs were ok and the friction surface just got a scuff or light machine from memory. marshalls did it. if you let the clutch fry or clunk itself to death then a new dmf WILL be required. price from ford was about $1200 from memory but sachs do an aftermarket part also.

fordcrzy, Apr 14, 4:53am
oh and the labour is bit high too because ford decided to put a bolt on the gearbox that can only be accessed and removed by dropping the subframe. some mechanics then put the bolt in the reverse way so it can be taken out in future

mugenb20b, Apr 14, 7:28am
That's nothing, wait till you see how much other problems on other cars cost to fix.

xs1100, Apr 14, 7:52am
if you read through intrade s post you will understand a DMF flywheel and you cant do a light scuff they have springs in them basically to take up vibration and therefore cant be machined at all so I would question how they machined it and have they included it in the final bill because they have basically said they have done something that nobody has done yet and would be interested

scott664, Apr 14, 10:17am
We just did one at work,replaced the flywheel with a solid one at about 1/4 of a dual mass.

fordcrzy, Apr 14, 9:08pm
The dmfs on petrols mostly can be converted to smf clutch kit ( sachs do a conversion kit) i wouldnt do it with a diesel.

floscey, Apr 14, 9:23pm
you can get an aftermarket clutch and solid flywheel kit for around $1000

xs1100, Apr 15, 8:38am
yes but the problem with going solid is the vibration & the noise factor

tony9, Apr 15, 9:04am
Might not be noticed in a 2002 Mondeo.

floscey, Apr 15, 7:41pm
sold a few kits and never had a complaint , maybe some vehicles are more affected than others.

mecanix, Apr 15, 8:09pm
A while back there was some badly made solid flywheels being supplied via auto sure.

The cut for the clutch was wrong and after 15 odd thousand k the clutch slipped.

A pain in the arse having to do it again and get autosure to pay.

They didn't.

xs1100, Apr 18, 7:45am
hahaha true that

fordcrzy, Mar 7, 9:54pm
Migjt be an improvement. the stop start traffic drivingvdrove me nuts in the mondy. it was either stall the car or leave in a wheelspinning haze. the clutch and throttle modulation was very poor

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