Peugeot 2003 1.8 petrol

jmma, Mar 7, 5:32am
Ok, Ok not mine, my brothers I don't touch it.
It has a problem when cold, runs like a bag of sh8t for a couple of minutes, but not always. More often than not though.
Has had a few places look at it, hence new plugs and new coil pack.
Now at an Euro specialist and this is their report, comments please, rubbish or otherwise, I'm up for it (o:

Ok - we have got further info for you, the fuel system is all ok. the ignition system is all ok ( new coil and plugs all test ok have had faulty before though) The issue is the engien is shutting off 1 cylinder when stone cold, we have found an air leak from a broken breather pipe, this will cost xxx to fix if you would like us to we can? I also think there could be an air leak from the plastic intake manifold when cold and once run for 1 min aprox the manifold expands and closes the air gap. The car is back together and can be collected but i can get hold of a smoke machine to put in intake system when vehicle stone cold again, this should track down where the air leak is coming from, if you could leave it with us until monday we could do this test first thing monday morning after being left over weekend? Due to the vehicle only faulting whilst cold we have spent very little time so the cost of repair is still at xxxxx and a diagnostic.

snoopy221, Mar 7, 5:51am
but i can get hold of a smoke machine to put in intake system when vehicle stone

Dat bong aye.
meh i'd say the owner may have been toppin up the water a tad
be more inclined to smoke psi in the cooling system with the plugs out and leave overnight and have the intermittent one minute manifold gasket leak man stand by the plug holes while it's cranked over with the smoke machine .
(Sheesh neva heard a damn vacuum gauge and a can of oil ta seal leaks called a smoke machine)
Can of start ya bastard might be called that though if ya flamin naked- lol

snoopy221, Mar 7, 5:51am
but i can get hold of a smoke machine to put in intake system when vehicle stone

Lucas smoke?

jmma, Mar 7, 5:56am
Hiya snoopy, No water has been added in the few months he has had it.
so yah reckon to much bong. Lol

snoopy221, Mar 7, 6:00am
Well whateva magic duck weed they intend to seal all the intakes with to pressurise the manifold with smoke and see where it leaks out i juss wonda. lol

Sheesh L P G burner or engine start will change it's tune from 3 to 4.

But yeah typical symptom of alloy head gap larger when cold and minute gasket weep in to one cylnder.

jmma, Mar 7, 6:03am
My thoughts as well snoopy, how they going to shut inlet valves, we used to use the oil can, but seems things have moved on to engine start aye (o:

a.woodrow, Mar 7, 6:51am
Not sure what kind of pug you bro has jmma but check if there is a vacuum valve at the side of the inlet manifold, and if there is, make sure it isn't seized or leaking, have struck this with a few and symptoms match your description.

a.woodrow, Mar 7, 6:55am
I'm surprised you haven't had more response, but perhaps some posters google isn't currently working.

jmma, Mar 7, 6:55am
Thanks, will pass that on (o:

jmma, Mar 7, 6:56am
Lol or I may have upset them (o:

jmma, Mar 7, 8:11am
No it is Brown like a turd Lol

jmma, Mar 7, 8:14am
Runs well when it gets rid of the sh8ts (o:

snoopy221, Mar 7, 8:16am
Ain't seen one of those since ford put em on some of the mk2 eskies as a fresh air anti run on device lol

jmma, Mar 7, 8:25am
Look forward to it (o;

intrade, Mar 7, 6:42pm
the post 1 sounds to me they know what they are doing .
i was going to say my cristal ball tells me its a manifold intake leak or somethign to do with the cold start system
All you say in post 1 is plausible.
And guess what i am just waiting for them toyotas to do it with there plastic intakes . 2001 vvti toyota also all plastic fantastic
and i replaced a plastic rocker cover on a old 2c diesel that had still leeaked out with a brand new gasket, because it hab mis-shaped- so toyota are not immune from any faults plastic fantastic crap causes.
fitted a alloy cover from a older towance van to that engine for a fix.

intrade, May 12, 2:47am
we did that in the 1990s and you know on what cars in europe.
Nissan honda these where the most we replaced coils and ignitors on and my mate could not fix the idle problems to high rpm because we had no information available that i did learn just in the last few years with my scope nor did we even know fuel-trims existed. I was doing diesel only bacause i did not like them electronic crap. the last years Diesel and electronics is a must know so i learn the lot since.

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