Jeep Cherokee motor

kelmak, Nov 11, 7:57am
Our 2002 jeep Cherokee 3.7 litre petrol has a blown motor, we are having trouble finding a replacement. Is there any other motor that will fit?

a.woodrow, Nov 11, 7:58am
Probably not worth the hassle due to certification costs. Is it not repairable?

kelmak, Nov 11, 8:00am
Garage said it needed a whole new motor, maybe I should get another garage to check it out

seadubya, Nov 11, 8:05am
A few other vehicles use the same motor, if that helps to widen your search.

supernova2, Nov 12, 6:35am
I know of one of these POS that's now on its fourth motor!

saki, Nov 12, 6:48am
Would like to know what is actually wrong to require a "whole new motor"

desmodave, Nov 12, 7:48am
Due to what problem ?

panicky, Nov 12, 7:51am
Hi Tech in Ch Ch haven't got one?

next-to-normal, Nov 13, 1:47am
they got rebuild kits on ebay for 600 usd

elect70, Nov 13, 2:10am
Going by prices they want for used ones , probably not worth fixing unless get second hand motor but that could be a hand grenade too . Flog it off & buy something else .

supernova2, Nov 13, 10:17am
Wasn't told the exact reasons however one was a complete recondition that did less than 1,000km and it exploded.
The mech who had it in his shop for work on the 4th motor said the owner had simply given up on the thing and wanted to sell it. Last I heard it was destined for the crusher.
Next time I see him I'll make further enquiry.

desmodave, Nov 13, 4:41pm
Would be help full to hear the facts otherwise it's just another my mate said bla bla .

2get1, Oct 18, 5:23pm

Facts and web based message boards / forums aren't that well acquainted with each other lol

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