177kw mondeo

tamarillo, Apr 8, 6:42am

I'm impressed. That's the modern cortina! 177 from a 2000cc family car come rep mobile. 149 in basic form is still really very impressive.

marmar1, Apr 8, 6:47am
My 99 Subaru has 190kw from a 2 lt turbo.

budgel, Apr 8, 7:22am
If they can have the same type of impact on the mid range car market that the Ranger had on the ute market, Ford will be on a winner!

Remains to be seen.

tamarillo, Apr 8, 8:01am
So what. That's the performance model not the cooking basic family car or rep mobile. And it'll likely do double the economy and service life.
What did a base 2 litre sub get?

vivac, Apr 8, 8:05am
A broken gearbox.

gman35, Apr 8, 8:09am
budgel wrote:
If they can have the same type of impact on the mid range car market that the Ranger had on the ute market, Ford will be on a winner!

Remains to be seen.[/quote
the mid size car (in fact ANY "car") market is just not there anymore. People are just wanting yaaawwn Korean diesel SUV's now. The Mondy could be the best driving and value vehicle at any price but is seemingly "too low and impractical" for the modern family these days.
And guys are getting too carried away with 4dr utes now "As good as a car" they say , (apart from the ocean liner turning circles and lack of steering feedback etc in comparison to one of course).
All hope is lost for the future of driving enthusiasm I feel.

rlr29, Apr 8, 10:27am
Calm down there Jaz.

franc123, Apr 8, 10:52am
Absolutely correct. The amazing thing is how successful the motor companies have been selling these expensive, somewhat light duty and compromised urban fashion products to the great unwashed. Its also equally weird in my view that the normally sensible rural sector who would have previously had a proper 4x4 with a decent deck and underpinnings like a Rover or Cruiser for the farm and a decent large Holden or whatever for going to town and doing the long trips have also been sucked into buying these utes to attempt to do both tasks with one vehicle.

bill1451, Apr 8, 11:03am
Serious 4wd people will still go for the tried and true nissan patrols and landcruisers, the modern 4wd rangers, coloradoes etc are aimed at the wanna bees, ski mobiles, tow the jet boat, flatland cockies, have yet to see one with real off road tyres, see if they last like the old hiluxes, Barry Crump would turn in his grave.

marmar1, Apr 8, 6:13pm
So what? you where talking about top the of the range mondeo which also is a turbo and a 2015.

tamarillo, Apr 8, 7:47pm
It isnt the performance version, that will come, maybe.
So legacy in 1999 2 litre 92 kW. Progress.

tamarillo, Apr 8, 7:49pm
By golly I agree.

w202merc, Apr 9, 7:46am
agreed those heap of junk piss ugly mazda cx7's are a prime example that the owner could not give a shit about driving, gutless, thirsty, handles like a cruise liner and drinks more then an SS Commodore not to mention most are front wheel drive, yuck just yuck there is no advantage over a Commodore or Falcon or BMW 5er etc on the used market so why would you buy one in my opinion you would have to be an idiot yet they are still selling for around $25K i would much rather something like a 540i for that money.

w202merc, Apr 9, 7:50am
and its a shame because the Mondeo IS a nice car, i would have one over any heap of shit CX-7 or equivalent tosser wagon, i CAN understand the case for buying a Ranger especially if you need to carry shit and tow shit, most in CHCH are tradies wagons and serve their purpose pretty well on our shithouse roads and they ARE pretty nice trucks. the ST-X Navaras are also good utes.

w202merc, Apr 9, 7:54am
brother had a 2002 B4 RSK 5spd awesome car but you are comparing apples and pares, 177kw for a base model is impressive!

w202merc, Apr 9, 7:55am
I would love a drive of the new Focus RS Turbo when it arrives what an awesome car, not all hope for us enthusiasts is lost yet, and i would give my left one for a CLA45 AMG.

brapbrap8, Apr 9, 10:45am
Agreed. I drive all the latest model utes and 4x4s for work and could use them for personal use if I wanted to, but I always drive my Lancer if I have the choice.
Even a cheap car like a new Lancer is about 10X nicer to drive than even the new Ranger, and I have done pretty decent road trips with 5 adults and a reasonable amount of gear and not wished I had taken the Landcruiser instead.

gman35, Apr 9, 10:51pm
Yes , that's my point in post #6 , I can't understand why people seem to be happy with these sorts of vehicles for everyday town or open road driving which are so much slower and "unfeeling" in their steering/chassis dynamics , yet at home they would complain about something like slow internet load up.
Driving is one of THE things that uses so many human senses , so why would you want to have less of a feel of control and confidence that a reasonable sedan/hatchback/wagon gives ?

richardmayes, Apr 10, 1:27am
Nice looking car - clearly drawn by that guy who also does all the Aston Martins and Jaguars (and makes them all look pretty much the same.)

As someone who remembers when LOOK AT ME! hsvs proudly advertised their 195 kilowatts with a special sticker on the back, YES that is a decent amount of power for a little saloon car like that.

I don't for ONE MINUTE accept the implied suggestion that you can force a small engine to do a big engine's job just by adding boost, and there will be NO consequences for longevity.
These are cars that will probably serve their first owners well but anyone who buys a used one will be rolling the dice.

(But hey - we live in a brave new world where common rail diesels have $6,000 injector pumps that can die young, and people just accept this, so perhaps they are just giving people what they think they want?)

richardmayes, Mar 20, 10:40pm
LOL, you'll learn, young grasshopper.

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