1990 4x4 ford courier

kelly1962, Jul 22, 7:50am
just wondering if anyone knows where I could pick up the front plastic hub covers and the rubber piece that slots in at the bottom of the left hand window for this ute. I have rung around a number of wreakers up here but no luck. thanks in advance.

franc123, Jul 22, 8:15am
That particular version of the Courier was never common even when new, with any luck the same parts from a Mazda Marvie Proceed might fit, in case you've never heard of it before its a Jap station wagon/SUV variant of your ute, which was also sold in some markets as a Ford Raider. Good luck.

serf407, Jul 22, 8:40am
For the plastic hub covers - are Don Kyatt still down Hobill Ave, Manukau City?
http://spareparts.donkyatt.com.au/ Otherwise find a good 3D plastic printer and print some in ABS plastic. The trade stores might have the rubber or try http://www.rubbermark.co.nz/product_list.php?cmd=grpList&grpCat=Automotive (down Norman Spencer, MC).
or trim/ custom made if they don't stock that size.

kelly1962, Jul 22, 9:02am
thanks very much for that serf407, I'll look into it.

crusader3, Nov 19, 10:28am
Hi, I have a couple of Courier 4x4 front hub covers if you are still looking for some. Regards Paul View my listings for contact details.