Trademe site for toyota surf steering locks

bjmh, May 4, 1:57am
anyone that can post a link for the above,my search skills are crap. thanks

briantamaki-god, May 4, 7:01am

intrade, May 4, 7:12am
LN 130 or what one

bjmh, May 4, 7:57pm
KZN185 its been stolen and recovered,trying to help out an old customer. its his pride and joy. stolen from marokopa and its been sitting on a lawn in Tauranga for a week,before the homeowner decided it probably shouldn't be on his lawn. I guess the smashed rear quarter glass and ripped out ignition switch might have been a clue.

intrade, May 4, 10:07pm
try taumarunui wrecker and then horopito motors i seen hiluxes on both places. also did you try toyota new parts for availability and price?

bjmh, May 4, 10:23pm
intrade. tried Toyota new. no luck,no longer available. will try what you suggested,thanks

budgel, Feb 13, 4:41pm
Look up Total 4X4 Parts and Tyres, he has lots of Surf stuff.

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