Nissan Bluebird - Ignition Start problem

clip1, Aug 14, 5:54am
Hoping to find some pointers on what could be causing a problem I am having with a Nissan Bluebird sedan (1994 SEL auto model).

Every now and again, when I go to start the car, put the key in ignition, turn. but nothing - dead as , the engine doesn't turnover (doesn't even turnover - its like battery is dead as). Put the auto into neutral - engine turns over and starts. Turn off ignition, and put back into park, before starting up again, and then into drive, again no worries.

Happens about once every 2-3 days then its good for the next couple of days before it happens again.

Seems to happen after Ive been driving for 10-15 minutes and engine has warmed up.

I know auto transmisson is due a service - but the non-start is staring to bug me.

Hoping someone can provide some advice on this issue ?

franc123, Aug 14, 6:28am
On the face of it an inhibitor/range switch on the way out or maybe the selector linkage is slightly out of adjustment BUT given what sort of vehicle it is another highly likely possibility is a starter getting worn out, they're highly prone to brush and commutator burning inside them, and forming 'dead spots' depending on where the armature stops. Next time it happens get someone to hit the starter with a hammer handle or similar while holding it over to START, should prove or disprove that one. Clean and tighten the battery cables too at both ends would also be worth doing to.eliminate a problem there.

poppy62, Aug 14, 6:48am
Also a worn ignition switch (tumblers). a good squirt of CRC down the keyhole may help for a start, before checking out Franc123 suggestions.

clip1, Oct 10, 10:36am
The car is elderly - but the panels and running of the car is pretty good - apart from the non-start thing.

Thanks very much for the advice

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