How long should ignition leads last?

hoarder85, Nov 5, 8:54am
my last set lasted at least 5 years. I replaced them 2 years ago and I am starting to get the same sort of 'missing' I had when the last set were worn. Surely they should last longer than that!

franc123, Nov 5, 8:55am
On what vehicle/engine!I assume you have been changing the spark plugs at the recommended intervals, worn plugs put more stress on them.

mugenb20b, Nov 5, 8:57am
I had mine for 10 years, and they were still good when I sold the car. But, I also changed my plugs every 20k.

msigg, Nov 5, 9:06am
Mine never get changed and the cars have done 210,000km.

hoarder85, Nov 5, 9:08am
Yup, plugs were changed when the leads were. 95 mitsi mirage. I have owned the car since 03 and changed them early 09. Maybe they're just a crappier brand! Engine is a 4G91 I think.

Any other suggestions as to what the missing could be!

intrade, Nov 5, 9:08am
you should change the leads befor they die as it can distruct the chip in the ignition module when the leads are to old

intrade, Nov 5, 9:10am
for one obvious fact it is a mitsubisheap the whole car is the crappy brand.

hoarder85, Nov 5, 9:12am
Lol, it has done 260kms so far and *touches wood* has been the most reliable car anyone in my family has owned. Only had one issue (electrical - $160 to fix) aside from that only required maintenance. Hopefully she'll make it to the 300kms mark.

intrade, Nov 5, 9:17am
dont know if you can live with the fact never to know when you have to walk, they do run for long with loads of problems like not starting for 15 minutes, no spark on plugs then starts fine as nothing was wrong and on and off that goes for a simple example. chariot seem to be famous for that one i crused 3 so far with similar problems over the years. these clients now drive older toyota instead

hoarder85, Nov 5, 9:19am
Guts. Chariots are pretty fug though - wouldn't surprise me there lol. Haven't had any of those issues so far, hopefully the beast will be good to me!

v8_mopar, Nov 5, 9:31am
a lead can last a day or 30 years.

you could borrow a set from another car to see if thats the prob

johnf_456, Nov 5, 10:06am
Depends on all sorts of things brand, mileage, age, check them with a multimeter or swap them for a knowing working set.

madaz_james, Nov 5, 9:14pm
it pays to check them with a muiltymeter 7ohm-9ohm ok 9ohm+ replace them, age,brandlead size ie to big small,metal rubbingon leadsare just some cause's of faulty leads- they are like a women run good 1 minute then bang they crap out, even if they new or cost you heaps

socram, Nov 6, 1:00am
So, do old copper core leads deteriorate that fast!

johnf_456, Nov 6, 1:41am
Twice the distance from the start to halfway. Lol

franc123, Feb 3, 3:01pm
You tend to find more with DOHC engines that use the tube style leads that the insulation breaks down and the spark either blows out the side of it and shorts to the head or else they carbon track down the inside of them and short down the plug insulator to the plug body itself, often not helped by old hard rocker cover gaskets that should have been changed ages ago leaking oil into the tube.Having a lead open circuit is relatively uncommon