Camry starter motor

frank1, Aug 10, 3:56am
2002, 2.4-went to supermarket today,returned to car,would not start,dash lights dimmed while trying,thought maybe battery,but didn't have my multimeter with me,so tapped the starter,and it started,tried it another 5 times and all good,Guess my question is are the starters on these cars known to be a prob?
Checked battery when I got home-all good 12.8v
Cars done 180,000 clicks.

intrade, Aug 10, 4:05am
what silanoid has it got? there is both asian and bosch type round tube silanoids on starters. the asian ones usually the contact wear is the problem amd can be fixed with new set of contacts.

frank1, Aug 10, 4:20am
Solonoid is asian--Denso

intrade, Aug 10, 4:24am
remove battery cables remove starter and inspect silanoid contacts if worn replace both sides with new contacts , usually one is more worn out so the round copper washer dont makes contact propperly while it has to tilt to make contact to both spade contacts.

franc123, Aug 10, 4:29am
Replace the plunger as well as the contacts, the plunger disc will be pitted to buggery.

intrade, Aug 10, 4:32am

you can see here a worn out contact you just clean the round ring up and replace the 2 contacts with new ones , usually all that needs doing to refurbish denso silanoids.
make sure to assemble it back how it was with the insulators or you be shorting the battery out when you try to start it and you dont want the results of that to deal with after.

intrade, Aug 10, 4:34am
i done plenty the plunger and copper washer always was fine on the ones i did. the copper waser and there like wont be cheap when you go that far you might as well complete refurbish it with new brushes bearings and all . its a cheap fix to just do contacts. if ring looks worn out you must replace it also , its just the ones i done the ring was fine.

franc123, Aug 10, 4:35am
Waste of time cleaning it if the surface is pitted, its cheap enough to replace.

frank1, Oct 25, 5:01pm
OK--thanks guys will pull it out tomorrow and check,Missus will have to take my good old Suby to work if she wants it fixed!

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