Help! Anyone know or have an idea on starter motor

fambams, Jul 13, 8:27am
How much it is to replace a starter motor in a "Nissan Skyline R32 1991", and any other info I should know! it is RB20 is that makes a difference lol. I have no idea on this sorta stuff lol.

fambams, Jul 13, 8:32am
Thank you :). Do you have any idea on how much it would cost to get it done at a shope! Or just depends lol!

fambams, Jul 13, 8:34am

fambams, Jul 13, 8:36am
Haha cool. Thanks heaps!

bae13, Jul 14, 9:52am
get it rebuilt, your taking a lucky dip on a second hand unit, may have a good one may be just as flogged as the one you have, get an auto sparky to rebuild it then you will have peace of mind

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