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socram, Apr 29, 3:04pm
Full replacement as at the time of purchase?

exwesty, Apr 29, 4:19pm
Do you want an old for new policy too? 47 and get 27?

intrade, Apr 29, 6:17pm
who did the wof?
a vtnz perhaps.

loud_37, Apr 29, 6:27pm
I was thinking the same but he didn't mentioned wet conditions until a few posts ago. So yes i'm still thinking aquaplaning.

wind.turbine, Apr 29, 8:17pm
rd was damp from rain that day but had not been raining heavy for over an hour

wind.turbine, Apr 29, 8:23pm
looking at the damage to the front, when it hit the bank, its taken most of the impact to the left hand side so the impact has not caused the damage to the RH wheel, the LH wheel is still fully intact even though it took the impact on that corner, so just looking at it from that it appears that something has gone wrong on that RH wheel to cause it to lose its steering.
She did note that a split sec before it happened she felt a strange feeling through the wheel that she had never felt before, almost a metallic tap.
we shall find out this week what happened.

wind.turbine, Apr 29, 8:24pm
no was done at same place that does all the work on her family's cars

wind.turbine, Apr 29, 8:25pm
hahaha jeez dont start rumors, not married. yet

wind.turbine, Apr 30, 6:26pm
Tow truck has towed it and discovered that tie rod was completely off the hub assembly, no nut or pin to be seen.

Someone has not done their job properly

a.woodrow, Apr 30, 6:39pm
Never mind the 6 months, how many km's since you had those CV boots replaced?

strobo, Apr 30, 7:01pm
Questions if maybe a nyloc nut was reused! as opposed to a split pin /castellated nut .What locks on the left side?

gragra1, Apr 30, 7:05pm
Was the thread still there for the nut? May have been over tightened and come apart.

snoopy221, Apr 30, 7:06pm
P.S. ignore all the idiot comments

Yeah where suspension design denotes the tie rod end is weight on and taper down and nut at the bottom-these things as the one i posted prior can be the old TTB(Ticking Time Bomb) in the time factor-and as ya state tyre and rim intact and folded back we await the FULL inspection.-And castelated nuts and split pins are either present in the full inspection -or ya good lady is safe and lucky.

Glad ya lady is okay and damn glad i wasn't the signer of the warrant .
Wherever it was issued SERIOUSLY need to have a look at how the hell it happened.

wind.turbine, Apr 30, 7:07pm
don’t know exactly but sounds like it’s well below 2000km

a.woodrow, Apr 30, 7:15pm
Probably within reasonable km's for an unpinned nut to work loose. Unless there has been mechanical failure or the pin left out, they can't come undone

wind.turbine, Apr 30, 7:56pm
Yea my thoughts exactly, problem is it’s not her car it’s her dads and my opinion doesn’t really count, he is old fashioned and seems to be putting it down to ware and tare.
Sorry I don’t know how any farther can put a wheel losing it’s control down to ware and tare when it was still in its wof and his own daughter could have been killed because of it.
Sigh normal problems with in laws

ziggy2828, Apr 30, 9:03pm
Not good staring for themselves.

snoopy221, Apr 30, 9:10pm
well ya know the name of the warrant issuer-and well if it is not reviewed and happens again be a bugger if the ole in law was on the receiving end of a head on -and not a bank I M O

wind.turbine, Apr 30, 9:17pm
sounds like they have claimed insurance, so guess its now in their hands and they may investigate into why and who to hunt for, to pay for it

a.woodrow, Apr 30, 9:35pm
Thanks for updating, would be great if you could let us know the outcome

elect70, Apr 30, 10:22pm
Well that should be impossible , im with snoopy on this either no split pin or nut & its come off ,. Get assessors report .or else tell them about last repair . I put new tie rod on my b,mw328 & it only had nylock nut so I drilled it & fitted split pin as VTNZ wouldnt pass it

berg, May 1, 4:37pm
Interesting stuff. I inspected a Toyota wagon that had spun and plowed into a center median rope rail. He driver said something funny happened and round it went. What I found was 4 new struts had been installed. The left rear one had no markings on the fresh strut paint from nuts. The top bolt was missing and the bottom was gone. You could clearly see signs where the bolts had been impacting inside the strut to hub holes. Seems Mr mechanic put the bolts in then may have got distracted and not fitted nuts to the left rear. To their credit, the company involved paid for a new car for the driver

yz490, Dec 6, 3:07pm
Ok, sorry lol. I see you found the cause--or the reason at least, & not driver error which is good.
Think my Honda only has nylock nuts but got me worried now--must go look. But the couple of times i've had them off to do steering rack boots they've been 'that' tight that i doubt they'd come off regardless of if the nut fell off.

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