Bloody son put brake fluid in the power steering.

wfl1, Jul 15, 10:36am
reservoir , I have disconnected the lines and flushed through 2 litres of new PS fluid. Contaminated mix coming out is milky and is not clear yet Continue doing this until clear ? or is there something else I should be trying ? Any comments appreciated, Thanks

skull, Jul 15, 10:59am
Was the steering operated with this mixture in it? If yes then the rack may need to also be flushed out.

rovercitroen, Jul 15, 12:59pm
Complete flush the only option. And still some seals may have been damaged.

jmma, Jul 15, 1:21pm
Are they both not hydraulic fluids?
How would this damage seals?

poppy62, Jul 15, 1:25pm
May be the difference in Silicone V Rubber. Brake fluid softens the rubber.

intrade, Jul 15, 2:39pm
if you remove the return on the bowl you can purge and flush it . if its atf you probably need about 5 liters to flush it 2 or 3 stages . despose of the return fluid.

wfl1, Jul 15, 6:24pm
Thanks for the comments , the residue PS fluid was just aerated oil and after a while when left for a while was almost clear which I will dispose of. Pumped though 2 litres of new PS fluid , and cleaned out reservoir of residue ,then reconnected reservoir and topped up and ran ,hoping should be ok.

martin11, Jul 15, 6:30pm
Are you now going to teach your son how to service cars properly with the correct fluids ?

joanie04, Jul 15, 7:24pm
I was going to say does your son have his licence? I am an older female and my father would not let be get my licence until I could change a tyre and knew all the different places different fluids were checked and topped up if need be. It did help that he was a mechanic with his own workshop and all three of us grew up in there helping.

I still religiously check everything every week.

briantamaki-god, Aug 1, 1:56pm
i taught my daughter the same joanie
however she wore short skirts and if she had a flat tyre she stood next to the tyre and she said within 5 mins someone stopped

tgray, Nov 7, 3:00am
Go easy on your son. He was trying to help and probably feels terrible.

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