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serf407, Sep 21, 8:59am
Some mighty crashes in the '17 BTCC - drivers getting race bans for contact.
Rob Collard - Silverstone the other day.

budgel, Sep 21, 10:25am
I struggle to see big foot monster jam as a sport. I call it a clown show with big engines and tyres.

My favorite motorsport to watch is Moto GP, you can see the ragged edge.

ema1, Sep 21, 11:38am
Ashley Forest Hill Climb
Racing at Cromwell brilliant as it's only 30mins from me here.
Queenstown Street Racing was a great watch too until it was stooped due to spectator death in a major crash.

zak410, Sep 21, 11:46am
Motorbike rallies like we had in Europe, with timing zones on metal.

The first one in spring was usually on snowy road; we used to drill holes on each knobs of motocross tyres and push some tungsten tipped spikes in them. on 2 strokes road bikes in my case.

bantam3, Sep 21, 7:08pm
Watch the Goodwood Revival St Marys 2017 race. Soper and the lads in A40s and Thunderbirds, great racing.

ema1, Sep 21, 7:12pm
Stooped ? oopps stopped t'was meant to be. Hhhh Hmmm

tony9, Sep 21, 10:07pm
Yes. Crazy, stupid and cars and circuit totally unsuitable for each other. But fantastic to watch to watch from the right building with the right hosts.

serf407, Sep 24, 8:56pm
Wellington 500 1985 - a race like this would not be run today.
Used scraper tyres everywhere etc.

mrfxit, Jul 9, 8:55am
In order .
Gravel rallys
Sprint boats
Big foot MonsterJam
Tractor pulls, (when they blow up)
Drag racing (Only if it blows up or is outstandingly different)

Lots going on with often unpredictable results & a huge variation in vehicles + spec's

rbd, Jul 9, 8:58am
BTCC 1995-1996. Some of the best spectator racing ever.

the-lada-dude, Jul 9, 9:20am
yes me too. not sure of the years, but around that time. just b4 the mondeo's. there was a German fella and Andy Soper ? . bring up some names

Sorry MR FIXIT all your suggestion are on the bottom of the pile. . still personal preference

tamarillo, Jul 9, 9:30am
Bathurst, always loved it through different regs. And back in its day benson and hedges 500.
Basically touring cars tickle me. Lots of passing, drama, and recognisable cars.
F1 on and off. The glamour and skills entice, the lack of something to watch when they don't overtake Dissapoints, but it didn't always.

And finally MotoGP always fantastic racing, great characters, close racing, unbelievable skill that you can see on tv. And THE DOCTOR,

m16d, Jul 9, 10:34am

elect70, Jul 9, 10:57am
Drag racing & touring cars . Used to go to Brisbnane every year for the rWinter nationals drags . Pity we dont see any on the box anymore although Fox sports has the rightsto NHRA they dont show it in UK or Aus or NZ . only way to see top drag racing is by sub to NHRA direct & its absolute crap.

bwg11, Jul 9, 11:02am
Yes, just the the best, even the smaller classes below MotoGP, these young guys are brave and fearless.

richynuts, Jul 9, 11:10am
moto3 in my opinion is the best racing. Motogp is my favorite though, I'm a big Rossi fan and not bothered if he ever wins another title. just the fact he is still winning 21 years after his first GP win is unbelievable.

gammelvind, Jul 9, 11:14am
F1 for me. Love the tech, yes some races are sadly a procession but others are really exciting. The last one had one hell of a lot of drama.

sr2, Jul 9, 11:36am
For me it's any form of Motorsport I'm involved in, I suppose I'm just not a good spectator !

oscar220, Jul 9, 11:43am
Speedway, particularly Superstocks. Palmy and Auckland teams champs cant be beat for action and drama. National championship events of 26 car fields always great to watch. Quick fire racing over 3 hours and can see the whole track. Can easily fill in most weekends January to February at different tracks through-out the country.

vem, Jul 9, 11:50am
The Super Saloons at Cromwell and the BK series was pretty awesome last season. As was the Modified Dirt Cup and Super Stocks Team racing here at Waikaraka.

tweake, Jul 9, 12:03pm
teams stock cars, best sport ever made.
modifieds would be next best. sprint cars are just annoying.
then good old NZ ralley.

oscar220, Jul 9, 12:04pm
Yep we really are spoiled for choice, unfortunate that the elite classes have events that conflict. Whilst my preference is superstocks all the top classes major meeting are worth watching.

stornello, Jul 9, 12:15pm
Flattrack for me, the most exciting racing ever. Bikes sideways at 100mph and the lead changing 4 times in a corner.

poppy62, Jul 9, 2:28pm
Wills 3 hour challenge and 6 hour endurance 1960s, benson and hedges pre 1975, WRC, BTCC, Rallycross. Le Mans.

sw20, Jul 9, 2:44pm
That classic Murray Walker commentary as well.

"I'm going for first, says John Cleland"

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