09 3 series BMW wiper query

diddi1, Oct 17, 3:04pm
I have just purchased the above, its a Japanese import so drives handbook is of no assistance. Wipers work fine on normal and fast and pull down for 1 wipe but I can't get them to run on intermittent. I have tried the obvious things and it is probably operator error but any assistance would be appreciated.

saxman99, Oct 17, 3:08pm
It is very likely they don't have intermittent. The first click upward will be "rain sensing". No rain = no wipe. Try it out by squirting with the hose.

If the rain sense mode drives you nuts and you'd rather have a normal intermittent like me, then you can try disconnecting the rain sensor. On my 04 model (older version than yours) this worked.

HTH, Best of luck!

rsr72, Oct 17, 4:25pm
Flicked the little three position switch up or down on the face of the wiper stem after pulling stem down?

rsr72, Oct 17, 5:22pm
--. and pushing in the stem end button?

supernova2, Dec 20, 11:07pm
If you have the handbook Google translate will sort you out. Just take a pic of the page and let it do it thing. At least I think that's what you do.