Help - Rear window wiper motor/squirter not workin

retropearl, Feb 1, 7:22am
1994 Ford Laser Lynx - It's not squirting water out on the rear and can't hear motor working but the front squirters are working fine. I've also inserted a fine needle in the holes to clear any dirt inside incase there's a blockage. Are there 2 separate motors in the one motor/pump controlling front/rear squirter! or just the one controlling both!
Should I just replace the pump/motor! I did some research on the net (youtube) and now know the motor/pump is attached on the firewall, just beneath the front windscreen. Parts are a plenty here for this model.I'm hoping it's not going to cost too much. I'm keen to fix this myself.

retropearl, Feb 1, 7:43am
I think I got it all wrong now! the pump should be attached to the water bottle.looks like wkd job to get under the car to remove the water bottle.

andy61, Feb 1, 6:08pm
Are you sure the washer bottle isnt in the boot beside the spare wheel!I seem to recall it is in the boot on my dads Laser.Almost sounds like you are looking for the fuel pump.

retropearl, Feb 1, 8:03pm
I'll have to check it out tonight, odd place to have a water bottle! I thought cars generally only have one in the engine bay which I have located. Is the pump located/attached to the water bottle itself! The water bottle is recessed below in the engine bay and encased, so am thinking I'll have to gain access to it underneath the car, to unbolt it.

johnf_456, Feb 1, 8:13pm
Nope some cars do have around the boot, often wagons etc

skin1235, Feb 1, 9:05pm
I think you will find the bottle and the motor behind a panel in the boot area, it will not be in the engine bay, it is too far to push the water and the wipers which start as soon as you push the switch would be grinding away on dust and dirt for several strokes before any water got there - scratch the glass to all hell and stuff the blades quick too
the bottle is probably empty - as you don't know where it is the chances you haven't filled it are high, and if the wiper has been trying to work on a dry screen it may have just overloaded the fuse and blown it - find the water bottle before looking for the fuses and fill it

skin1235, Feb 1, 9:06pm
some even have 3 bottles, windscreen, rearscreen and headlight washers

the one you have found in the engine bay will be for the windscreen - if it is a combo for the rearscreen as well it will have 2 motors on it, otherwise when the frontscreen is washing ( and you say that works okay) the rear would also be getting water from the same plumbing

retropearl, Feb 1, 9:24pm
cheers, thanks for your help!

retropearl, Feb 2, 5:19am
I'm home now and had a look in the boot area and couldn't find any sign of a water bottle supply for the rear window squirter, So I'm now thinking it must share the same supply from the one in the engine bay area. Has anyone done a ford laser one before! only way itlooks to access water bottle where the pump will be located is from either underneath the car to unbolt or remove the right side guard to gain access. I can get a second hand one for $20, would this be the next best move! as I mentioned before the front squirters are working just fine.

retropearl, Feb 2, 8:17am
I've managed to locate the pump connected to the front bottle by taking off covers underneath the car. There's only one tube feeding from the pump and one plug with 2 wires attached.does anyone know if this one would feed off from the rear too!

skin1235, Feb 2, 8:48am
no it will not, if it did the rears would get the same water the front gets at the same time, and it's too far to go, it would wreck the rearscreen before it cleaned it

is yours the hatch model, check up around the hinges while it is open, one hinge will have a couple of wires entering ( high brake lights and possibly the rear numberplate light)- and the water hose

usually goes across above the hood lining and down the left side rear pillar to a bottle behind a cove in the extreme left rear corner ( maybe the right side - I haven't had the privilege to dig around inside one of your model), may even be a very small flap to just access the filler neck of the bottle
it will be there, somewhere, someone must know where they are, perhaps a call to a ford agency so they can ask the lads or get the book out - they may even be able tell you where to find the connectors and fuses for it

skin1235, Feb 2, 8:52am
late thought, does it squirt from on the rear door or from the main cab roof
I recall one model of I think a European car that has the rear washer filler in beside the fuel filler behind the filler cover, I don't think this is your model but they do put them in some strange places

neryl1, Feb 2, 9:36am
id say out of veiw on left side behind a cloth panel might also be the car jack stored there try to see the metal side panel of car from in boot might be a clip to undo and lift up could be hidden under boot mat otherwise look at haynes or gregory car manual at the library

skin1235, Feb 2, 9:37am
check the rear corners, is there a small panel for access to the rear lights!
a question on an auction may get you the answer, no harm in asking eh, I did have a laser sport of about '86 model and recall that was a late discovery on that too
was working in the boot one day and found it, shook my head and went ohhhh thats were it lives lol

skin1235, Feb 2, 9:53am
in therear door sill!

stevel_knievel, Feb 2, 10:12am
Ok, the manual's wrong, it's under a plastic panel in the corner below the right rear light - well hidden.

retropearl, Mar 3, 12:53pm
yay! found it! You've made my day! thanks! :-) there was water in there but I topped it up, still no go, so now thinking the pump is screwed. I will get another second hand pump.cheers guys for all your help! I'll be tinkering with it over the wkd when I have more time.