2007 triton wiper problem

wind.turbine, Feb 1, 3:18pm
ok so had the ute sitting under a tree all day yesterday in the heat and it dumped sap all over it.
went out last night and went to use wipers and they very briefly stuck before it managed to get them moving.

I immediately noticed it has started clicking every time they start moving up, not down though just from their bottom resting position.
any ideas?
They seem to still be working fine apart from a bloody annoying click every time.

skull, Feb 1, 3:38pm
Is it clicking as it goes over the sap spot on the windscreen?

muppet_slayer, Feb 1, 3:42pm
clean the blades and screen and try it again. Could be clicking because of the sap on the screen.

wind.turbine, Feb 1, 5:01pm
naa its coming from in the dash, motor or relay type of click

budgel, Feb 1, 6:56pm
Fold out one wiper at a time off the windscreen and then turn them on. That might isolate which side is doing it under load.

wind.turbine, Sep 19, 1:55pm
ok done that and what do you know, after lifting both and trying no click, bot one down at a time and tried it and still nothing, both back down and still nothing so who knows, seems to have completely gone.
Odd as it was doing it again this morning