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charlies4, Jul 14, 8:27pm
Import or NZ new? 1500 or 1600? Noticeable difference
Turbo? Any known problems? Make much difference or just added possible repair?

Confusing myself. $10k investment for 2010-13 model is big for me so any advice appreciated. ( I really like look, so aware could probs get better bang for my buck but got my heart set on them)

gblack, Jul 14, 8:45pm
Have you driven or ridden in one?

If you like the look and have you heart set on one then I guess all good. I kind of like the funky look, but local Uber driver has one and when wife and I went to the airport one day, found it a struggle to get a couple of suitcases into the car. Same suitcases that fitted with no issues into our smaller Toyota Aqua.

motig, Jul 14, 8:47pm
Heres something for you. I liked them but chickened out even tho I know forums usually only seem to be used by people with problems.

kazbanz, Jul 14, 9:17pm
Hey they look funky but they are imo just a tall Nissan Tiida but with less space. They just ain’t good bang for buck .

dublo, Jul 14, 9:17pm
Nissan Juke (or should that be Joke?) In my opinion as an enthusiastic student of car styling it is so ugly it must have been styled by a drug-crazed committee. If they try to put me in one to take me to the mortuary after I peg out I'll get up and walk.

cjohnw, Jul 14, 9:20pm
Woman at my wife’s work has been trying to sell hers for nearly a year now.

charlies4, Jul 14, 9:25pm
Just had look, always thought Nissan was good car company? (maybe not in USA? Always liked them. But yeah, you're right, lots of people not keen on Juke. Thanks so much for putting me on to it

charlies4, Jul 14, 9:27pm
Yeah I have, but as I don't know too much seemed fine to me. As for boo space, yeah I didn't really take that in to consideration

charlies4, Jul 14, 9:33pm
Well I've read in a few threads that you're 'in the know" when it comes to cars. What would you recommend for mainly driving from home 10km on motorway to city and 30km on motorway 1-2 times a week? Thanks

charlies4, Jul 14, 9:34pm
C'mooon, they have character!

christin, Jul 14, 9:59pm
When I was looking at Nissan’s, said they had a new juke out to workmate. He said he hoped they had bred out the ugly lol

I don’t like them friend of mine loves them!

charlies4, Jul 14, 11:00pm
Yeah, they definitely appeal to a Special Breed of which I am one

franc123, Jul 14, 11:22pm
You'll get good bang for your buck alright, the CVT often provides that they were troublesome from new. This "character" you speak of is actually the reason they're not easy to sell, I wouldnt go there personally, even with CGA and MBI attached. Better vehicles around, but concede its hard to find something that has quite the same appeal.

charlies4, Jul 14, 11:33pm
What's CGA and MBI? Thanks

franc123, Jul 14, 11:39pm
Consumer Guarantees Act and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, often mistakenly referred to as Extended Warranty. The things that cushion the blow of purchasing decisions that shouldnt have been made in the first place :(

gblack, Jul 15, 7:59am
Charlies4 - your $10k budget should get you something decent for the commute. But typically, the most recommended cars are a little bit boring as most people want reliable and safe; more funky looking interesting cars often seen to come with more issues.

I would maybe start narrowing down what you need, but Suzuki Swift, Toyota Aqua or Kia. Your $10k could get bit newer than 2010-2013

kazbanz, Jul 15, 9:28am
If you want that style of vehicle -ie a small 4x4 look then I feel its hard to go past a Toyota Rush.They look very much like the First generation Rav 4 but are a LOT more economical in every way. They also have a decent size boot. They are also badged Daihatsu Bego/ Terrios.
Otherwise the Toyota Corolla is a solid reliable bet. Comfortable to drive and you have the three variations Hatch wagon or sedan. All mechanically the same but different body shapes.

gazzat22, Jul 15, 11:17am
"Character" was/is the term Land Agents use for a house with a leaky roof,uneven floor and dodgy old wiring.

charlies4, Jul 15, 11:31am
Thanks for that, I'm getting so confused. Really helpful advice

charlies4, Jul 15, 11:32am
Now you mention it. hehe

charlies4, Jul 15, 11:35am
The Aqua is one that sounds good. Hadnt thought of Kia. I'll have a look

joanie04, Jul 15, 9:46pm
Friend had a Toyota Rush, loved the boot space. Unfortunately through no fault of hers it was written off. Been replaced with a Nissan Leaf. The choice of her husband and brother. She would have preferred a replacement to tow the float. She got that wish as well.

charlies4, Jul 15, 11:46pm
The Rush towed a FLOAT?

tamarillo, Jul 17, 10:12pm
Op, personally I hate them and extra hate their cvt autos but. they were huge success in UK where they made them. So look if you like the look just get a good one checked out and enjoy it. Don’t give a damn whether others like look.

kazbanz, Jul 18, 7:52am
arround a paddock at low speed

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