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jmma, Sep 10, 9:49am
Fast, economical, 4WD

These 3 words don't go together

sw20, Sep 10, 10:09am
Mercedes ML63 AMG.

Just put the rent up to pay for fuel.

3tomany, Sep 10, 10:20am
2.0 ecoboost ford is the most powerful suv out there.
When power + economy matters.

bitsnpieces2020, Sep 10, 10:23am

intrade, Sep 10, 10:24am
re 5 yea he did not mention repair costs more then the car in no time. So yea i would say the 1.4 suv vw are as mutch a poofighter as that ecopooh.

saki, Sep 10, 10:28am
Hyundai IX35 turbo diesel not bad 6.5L per 100km

kazbanz, Sep 10, 11:08am
Subaru outback

joanie32, Sep 10, 11:16am
The ML 350 is pretty quick too, but nowhere near as thirsty.

cjohnw, Sep 10, 11:28am
Subaru Levorg

martin11, Sep 10, 11:47am
Volvo V40 is good

intrade, Sep 10, 12:28pm
volvo lol

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intrade, Sep 10, 12:32pm
badsically non 4wd wagon the newer it is the bigger on outside and the smaller inside. my fiat punto is 110 wide in the boot my 2007 passat is only 1 meter wide . while its a massive amount wider on outside. roof is also low doors are hughe mother thick. 100 tousend airbags everywhere and almost no room for a person inside the car . little own for stuff and heavy as hell can be on top.

intrade, Sep 10, 12:38pm
if you want the smallest car with most space its a funcargo toyota.
you can cross of fast cause the roads are rooted . but lets say you wanted all the stuff above but it never comes cheap you either have a monsta or you have something slow fast powerfull 4wd with room cost a lot to maintain.
It Be a V10 tdi tuareg VW

intrade, Sep 10, 12:49pm
downside on subaru is cambelt is 12 items to change its like 2 engines you will pay 1200$ upwards for a correct job with coolant and all on a boxer subaru. " i always did wonder why it was so expensive till i got the parts and counted them all 750$ i paid for just parts. as where the punto was 15 euro for the belt. but yea you cant have it all as i pointed out above.

slarty45, Sep 10, 12:54pm
Suzuki Vitara AllGrip 1.4 turbo 6L/100km

intrade, Sep 10, 12:55pm
if i really need to overtake i just floor it look at the rev limmited i reved it to 7500rpm no problem no rev limmiter kicked in may not have one at all haha. its basically the predecessor of the uno in uno turbo-ie if you want to look up what they where ultra kamikaze machines
older cars especialy italian stuff burns oil as per normal. i recall we filled 1 liter every other week in the Fiat tempra wagon my mate had for carting 1 whole pallet with fold down bumper.

slarty45, Sep 10, 1:09pm
0-100 8.6 sec

2019 Suzuki Vitara Turbo AWD 0-100km/h

Only done 11,000km in mine so far & it aint slow, far from it.

curlcrown, Sep 10, 1:11pm
Jeep SRT. Two out of three aint bad.

cjohnw, Sep 10, 1:11pm
Our 2018 WRX is doing 8.5 - 9L / 100km.
Levorg would be fractionally higher.
Great wagon to drive.

intrade, Sep 10, 1:21pm
you need to set the priority and then see where you want to compromise .
i know these people who want to buy new cars that only cost 2000$ and dont need servicing . Non of it exists but they keep asking me to tell them what to buy. priority is it must be save and reliable. i said you can only buy brand new. but but i only want to spend 2 grand . 2 grand is the 500$ boms from 1990s good stuff starts at least 6k + and at 12k you have a selection. and if it must be rliable and not need any repairs you only can buy new.
They think they can buy a bargain sell there pile of crap for the same money to somone else.
i said do you really think only you offloads his pile of crap for cheap.
but but you got to tell me if this 2500$ one is a good one.

cjohnw, Sep 10, 1:26pm
Levorg 0 - 100kph = 6.6 secs.

tamarillo, Sep 10, 2:43pm

saki, Sep 10, 3:23pm
Sounds like luver boy wants a house bus for the chicks, with a humungus cat diesel that will run on the sniff of the panty fumes.

orphic1, Sep 10, 3:56pm
So you will need something capable of towing your new upgraded boat then?

s_nz, Sep 10, 4:15pm
Surprised nobody has mentioned the Tesla Model X P100D.

0-100km/h in 2.8s, "Fuel" economy is 24 kWh/100 km.

Here is a video of a model X beating a Alfa Romeo 4C in a drag race (despite the model X towing another Alfa Romeo 4C on a trailer).

Quite expense though at $190k

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