Rav4 vs Honda CRV

flyingpencil, Apr 21, 8:07pm
Am looking for car that is in the $8-10K price range, 2L or less, and mostly to be used around town but capable of trips on gravel/off road to get to hikes. Had considered a dualis but I gather their engines might be expensive to repair (?) - and possibly not high enough clearance for the rougher roads. Maintenance costs matter - so are there likely to be more issues/more expensive repairs with a RAV4 than a Honda CRV, or viseversa?

tamarillo, Apr 21, 8:15pm
Imo In This price range, find the best for the money. If there’s a good, well serviced, cared for Nissan/ Honda/ toyota soft roader on market at good price but that one.
You might decide on a Honda but miss put on a better Nissan/ Toyota for sale in your area. It’s a gamble in this price bracket so reduce risk.

kazbanz, Apr 22, 9:48am
Based on your post I would say buy a CRV. Im not happy with the 2.0l D4 engine. Now if you were happy with the 3 door VVTi or the 2.4 then I'd agree with Tam. Another thought in the small offroader world is the Toyota Rush also called Daihatsu Bego or Daihatsu terrios. Same size as the old RAV4 (94-2000) Available as a 4wd but always a rear wheel drive

201, Apr 23, 4:43pm
Ravs are rather dray like ride in comparison to Crvs in earlier ones as they had very short wheelbase. Longer wheelbase = better ride. cheers

msigg, Apr 23, 5:23pm
Well the RAV4 is the better vehicle, the crv is better than the nissan, my wife has the 2010 RAV4 for 5 years, never missed a beat, done 180k now , will last forever that thing, done no off roading with it apart from gravel roads, I have the proper 4x4 for that.

flyingpencil, Apr 23, 6:25pm
I only go on gravel roads to get to hikes - not do actual "off roading". Thanks for the advice to date

kazbanz, Aug 18, 2:41pm
the op isn't talking gen 1 definitely gen 2

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