1997 Rav4 GT.

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us2, Dec 7, 8:26am
What are these like of fuel please.
i travel 80ks to work and back home again each day.
Thanks in advance

us2, Dec 7, 8:28am
on fuel i meant.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 7, 8:34am
None of the Rav's are good on fuel. Not a good vehicle for that kind of commute, not cheap to run, not very safe and not particularly nice to drive/travel in.
Are you actually going to do any off roading init!

mugenb20b, Dec 7, 8:35am
I didn't know there was a GT version of RAV4. But anyway, they use around 10 litres per 100km on the open road, more around town. The seats push on your thighs, so be prepared to have an uncomfortable ride. RAV4s like to, kind of wallow all over the road too.

mugenb20b, Dec 7, 8:37am
My sister in law's got a 3 door one. What a horrible car to drive. Good engine though.

us2, Dec 7, 8:38am
thanks for that.well the Rav can go out the window then LOLOL
I just don't want to buy something that i will regret.

mugenb20b, Dec 7, 8:39am
Well try it out, take it for a drive. Many people love them, I can't stand them.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 7, 8:40am
I agree. what amazes me is people buy them for the "space", even the 3 door one. what did these people drive previously! A Peel P50!

franc123, Dec 7, 8:41am
Agree with all above, and will add that RAV's aren't particularly good value for money either, there is far better buying to be had elsewhere IMO.They certainly wouldn't be my first choice for commuting any distance.If you were still looking at something within the Toyota camp you would be better off with its mechanical sibling the Caldina.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 7, 8:41am
Good on you for coming here for advice, even though this got a "no" from us don't let that put you off doing the research. What are you actually looking for in a car!
We may have some more suitable ideas.

mugenb20b, Dec 7, 8:42am
LOL! A Peel P50! I rolled on the floor laughing when I saw the Top Gear episode about it.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 7, 8:44am
BTW, If I was doing that sort of commute and had the sort of budget that buys a RAV4 I would be looking at the likes of a MK4 VW Golf. Nice simple reliable engine, good economy, good reliability, good safety and a very pleasant place to spend driving 400KM a week.
If that dosn't suit, there are plenty of other nice cars in the price range.

craig04, Dec 7, 8:44am
The Rav4 is the best car in the world bar none.

mugenb20b, Dec 7, 8:46am
Nope, you are wrong, sorry. I would say a supercharged Holden Calais is better and faster.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 7, 8:46am
Secretly. I want one!
Not as much as I want a Messerschmidt though, I have been looking at building a replica. this is what happens when you have owned Multipla's too long and are looking at going for "the next level".

franc123, Dec 7, 8:47am
Rubbish, a Thai built V6 Accord is, no argument.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 7, 8:47am
Sorry Craig, looks like the rest got cut off. I fixed it for you though.

wasser61, Dec 7, 8:48am
Was waiting for the mention of the VW Golf MK 4 or 5.
You just never let up.

mugenb20b, Dec 7, 8:48am
Well, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind one myself. It takes me 4 minutes to walk to work, and driving a Peel P50 on a rainy day would be ideal.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 7, 8:50am
This, poster 1 is why you don't want a RAV. Spending your life driving over priced lack luster cars for fear of the sky falling makes you irritable.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 7, 8:52am
. plus its a chick magnet.

craig04, Dec 7, 8:55am
with the polarity reversed.

wasser61, Dec 7, 8:55am
VW, it's German for "Expensive to buy, expensive to service, expensive to repair"

craig04, Dec 7, 9:12am
Bulbous aren't they! It would be like driving a zorb.

timmo1, Dec 7, 9:12am
Hmm something like a Toyota Opa, Toyota Ipsum, Toyota Funcargo etc may worthwhile taking for a drive- They have quite high seats so getting in and out would be easier :)
(stay away from the Toyota Voltz- It's a rebadged Chevy and not the best)