Ever thought of putting your ute on a dyno?

budgel, Mar 1, 12:43pm

saxman99, Mar 1, 12:59pm
Well I guess the owner now knows it’s limit.

bumfacingdown, Mar 1, 1:07pm
Ex 2920hp truck

onl_148, Mar 1, 1:13pm
oh. it will be ok, it will just buff out.
would a claim under the CGA be out of the question ? I would have though that the engine should have been able to cope with being tweaked and modified within an inch of its life, then having the s**t reved out of it for an extended period of time !

philltauranga, Mar 1, 1:27pm
Watch the third video in the link:
"2,920 HP Ram Truck Diesel Explodes on Dyno"
It looks like they run that truck for ages before it blows, it did 1 full power run, then on the second it blows.
I wonder how they were cooling it?
There doesn't look to be a dyno fan at the front blowing air into the radiator, in fact to me it looks like it doesn't even have a radiator?

tygertung, Mar 1, 1:51pm
No, but I thought of building my own dyno for dyno for dynoing small engines and motorbikes.

philltauranga, Mar 1, 2:10pm
Watched another video, looks like its a sled pull truck- so probably no radiator.

mrcat1, Mar 1, 9:43pm
Hey Phillip,
How you going?
Nothing like a Cummins putting out a little horsepower.

philltauranga, Mar 1, 10:36pm
Hey Brandon, I'm all good.
That guy certainly has that motor wound up, 2920 hp. farrrkme that's nuts.

trogedon, Mar 2, 3:38pm
If only this would happen to ALL USA V8 trucks.

mrcat1, Mar 2, 5:56pm
Its a 6.7l Cummins straight 6 diesel.

mrcat1, Mar 2, 5:57pm
Same engine as mine.

muzz67, Sep 7, 3:05pm
Wonder what revs it was pulling,, sounds like plenty.

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