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blogzy, Aug 11, 8:07pm
I take it that's a Chinese trailer ? Who makes a good reasonable priced trailer in the north island ?

ian1990, Aug 11, 11:04pm

bowla3, Aug 12, 1:02pm
#18. Compass Trailers in Dargaville.

john1623, Aug 12, 3:20pm
Two most neglected things in thee country_ lawnmowers and trailers.

tweake, Aug 12, 4:31pm
they have their faults.
not a fan of their ute decks, i'll have to fix one of ours as the design is so poor the headboard vibrates and smacks the load all the time.

tnt423, Aug 12, 10:01pm
No that was made here in Nz, plenty of nz made trailers are just as bad as the Chinese stuff.

What sort of trailer are you after?

tnt423, Aug 12, 10:02pm
Yep wait till the wheel falls off then it's time to do the bearings.

tnt423, Aug 12, 10:03pm
Yea I'm not a fan of them.

blogzy, Aug 12, 10:30pm
I'm wanting a sturdy probably fully galv NZ made 8x5. 1000kg load single axle.

strobo, Aug 12, 10:56pm
Same can be said for a certain popular brand no1 selling truck in NZ most of them seem very underrated in the suspension dept,They look flimsey as hell and they are.Shackles worn into the metal parts and bushes forever flogged out,and light double skinned chassis ,either breaking up or heaved with rust, at very low kms They look like they will do the job from new then all the deck gear is added to spec and complies untill a while later showdown!

ian1990, Aug 12, 11:27pm
Take a look at pinto trailers

I will take my hat off to you if you can destroy one on there trailers within fives years of commercial use!

framtech, Aug 12, 11:31pm
Steel box section will flex and the reason these trailers fail, is because they need strengthening plates at the fixed points, an easy fix, when you buy a imported trailer, reinforce these points, bolt the tray in instead of rivets, replace the bulb lights with LEDs. also if you over load them the stub axles shear off. basically you get what you pay for, last trailer I built 2470 wide x 4800 cost over 3000 in steel and parts before I even started. now its worth 9000.00 and rated to carry 3500kg.

mrcat1, Aug 12, 11:45pm
Anyone know of a company that builds heavier GVM trailers, I'm looking for a trailer with a GVM of 7 tonne.

stevo2, Aug 13, 6:41am

tnt423, Aug 13, 8:31am
You will need to find someone that builds trucks not light trailers. Maybe try someone like Modern Transport Engineers Limited

stevo2, Aug 13, 9:08am
He is an old time poster on here called unideck. Has made some awesome trailers in the past. Search for "unideck" on trademe. Cheers Stevo

martin11, Aug 13, 9:36am
With Brakes .

blogzy, Aug 13, 11:03am
martin11 wrote:
With Brakes .[/quote

No brakes required

tweake, Aug 13, 12:12pm
thats technically correct but keep in mind most vehicles unbraked tow rating is 700kg or less. insurance might kick up a stink in an accident if your towing more than the vehicle tow rating.

its also just a good idea. locally we have had a boat wrapped around a power pole when the trailer jackknifed under braking. i've gone slip and sliding under brakes on a greasy road while towing the quad bike before. almost slid through the intersection.

tweake, Aug 13, 12:20pm
on the topic of trailers, we have had a few trailers with broken/cracked coupling mounting plates.
some idiots have been mounting couplings forward of the chassis on a mounting plate. (instead of bolting through the plate and through the chassis).
so the whole trailer is flexing through a ~10mm thick plate which ends up cracking and breaking off.
normally there would be a vertical plate to stop that flex, but it seams these trailers have been missing that.

martin11, Aug 13, 2:53pm
Show me a vehicle that has a manufactures tow rating for 1000kg unbraked . Read post #37

richardmayes, Aug 13, 5:03pm
Ford Falcon stationwagon 1200kg unbraked, 1600kg braked (2300kg braked with HD towing kit)

But I'm a bit biased, they don't make cars like that any more and you don't see many on the road.

mrcat1, Aug 13, 7:17pm
Thanks Steve, Unideck?

mrcat1, Aug 13, 7:18pm
Thanks, only just saw this post now.

mrcat1, Aug 13, 7:23pm
The likes of MTE or TRT aren't really geared up for building something like this, I've already spoken with TRT and they would need a design done, as it would most likely be a one off for them.
This is in no mans land as its a lot bigger than the normal trailer guys but too small for TRT and MTE, their smallest trailers are probably two axle pull or simple trailers good for putting 14-15 tonne on them.

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