Best paint for trailer

tigertim20, Dec 7, 2:58pm
Redoing a trailer, new hangers springs etc.
Needs painted.
What's people's recommended products for this at home for someone who does not have a sprayer?

msigg, Dec 7, 3:07pm
Red or silver rust coat, turn upside down or on side and brush. Easy

muppet_slayer, Dec 7, 3:14pm
POR 15.
"POR-15 Top Coat can be applied directly to metal substrates, with no need for a primer or undercoat, and is formulated to form a robust barrier that sheds moisture to provide long lasting protection"

"Applications: Trailers, Decorative Wrought Iron, Mailboxes, Wood, Fiberglass and Metal, Lawn and Garden Equipment and more."

"Use over POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating for Permanent Protection"

franc123, Dec 7, 3:29pm
I've used the Wattyl Killrust system (etch primer or just primer and topcoat) on trailers and caravans, drawbars etc which is a good product, in all cases the substrate has been as rust free as possible, whereas with POR15 this isnt as essential BUT its critical to use the Metal Ready phosphate etching product first. Unlike POR 15 the Wattyl is readily available from hardware stores, comes in a bigger variety of colours, isnt UV sensitive and is relatively cheap. The only drawback is perhaps it doesnt quite offer the same stone chip resistance as POR.

tygertung, Dec 7, 4:45pm
For rough metal surfaces I usually just use some quick dry enamel from supercheap. It is real easy to apply and goes on pretty smooth with a brush. I have just done a bicycle frame without primer with the red and it is tending to chip, but I have had good results with the black with zero preparation touching up motorcycles etc.

stevo2, Dec 7, 4:57pm
Por15 or Hammerite. Hammerite is available in smooth or hammered finish in a tin for brushing or aerosol in a range of colours

mrcat1, Dec 7, 7:07pm
Go and get it dipped, best solution.

tnt423, Dec 7, 7:34pm
Only way to go if you plan on keeping it.

snork28, Dec 8, 8:43am

dublo, Dec 9, 9:25am
Might I suggest BRIGHT colours for a trailer? My galvanised trailer seems to be invisible, judging by how it is ignored by so many other drivers. Perhaps I should paint the tailboard, at least, with angled yellow stripes on a black background, so it will register in their brains.

pauldw, Dec 9, 11:51am
The side view is at least as important.

dublo, Dec 9, 3:26pm
Agreed, planning some bright paintwork for the sides, too!

franc123, Dec 9, 4:56pm
Lol yep a coat of Caterpillar Yellow doesnt do any harm.

mrcat1, Dec 9, 5:07pm

gunhand, Dec 9, 5:18pm
Ive had my trailer 35 years, never been dipped in its life. Or is 35 years not keeping it?
Ive used Killrust on it and if you do it right it looks like its been sprayed. Good tuff paint and it goes a long way.

tnt423, Dec 9, 7:31pm
If your happy to spend the time to look after the paint yes it can last. Most people don't look after there stuff until the holes are there.

geoff_m, Dec 10, 8:20pm
My home made trailer had 2 heavy coats of cold gwlv paint, etch primed and 2 coats of Wyttal kill rust enamel. No rust despite being outside every day for the last 10 or 12 years. The cold gall paint makes a difference.
My fathers trailer had the same treatment 20+ years ago. I fixed rust in the box section frame kat year, where it had rusted from the inside out. Dad got it new in 1975 from Reid Trailers.

rectech, Dec 12, 1:12pm
I never relised how manyfriends I had until I owned a trailer, friends that I had not seen for years and just happened to need to borrow mine for and day or two or three before returning it with a missing safety chain shackle, a cracked tail light or smashed up plug

harm_less, Dec 12, 5:31pm
It's the ones than then go on to loan it to their son/friend/neighbour while it's borrowed that p*ss me off. And yes WOF time is always a breeze if the trailer hasn't been loaned out and abused.

lovelurking, Dec 12, 6:55pm
My Mum used to keep the current warrant and rego stickers for the trailer in her car glovebox so she could feel better telling fibs . ”I’m sorry,🤥 it’s not warranted or registered “

mrcat1, Dec 12, 7:19pm
I cant have too many friends then, I have 8 trailers and no one ever asks to borrow them.

tygertung, Oct 10, 2:54pm
What if one gets some of that paint they use on ships. That must be pretty good stuff as the ocean is the most corrosive environment on the planet and the ships are not galvanised or anything. Just painted.

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