Steering damper- non factory add on?

gpg58, Apr 12, 7:13pm
My 2010 jimny does not have one from factory, but it badly needs one fitted(bigger tyres - under cert limit).
Overseas plenty fit them, with u-bolts holding a bracket to tie rod near steering box, and another bracket via u-bolts around a chassis rail.

I can source one locally (full kit), but tend to think this will need a cert for fitting it, am i correct? If so, any ideas who could cert it in Canterbury
Supplier thinks most just get away with fitting, and as no drilling or welding etc, all is ok, but i am thinking an addition to a steering system will be in the rules somewhere. cheers

gph1961, Apr 12, 8:00pm
Well,this isnt Vietnam,so there is bound to be a rule.

serf407, Apr 12, 8:50pm
There is a list of nz certifiers and location/ and what they are qualified to cert.
Scroll down to the map for the South Island.

Probably under the 1 (c) section - steering etc

gpg58, Apr 12, 9:37pm
Lol, - or India.

gpg58, Apr 12, 9:39pm
Cheers, will have a read tomorrow.

gpg58, Apr 12, 9:55pm
Just found,
Reasons for rejection
6. A modification that affects the steering system must be inspected and certified by an LVV Specialist Certifier, unless the vehicle:

a) is excluded from the requirement for LVV specialist certification (Table 9-1-1), and

b) has been inspected in accordance with the requirements in this manual, including those for equipment, condition and performance

But is an "addition to" legally classed as a "modification that effects" being that the base system remains unchanged and unaffected in its general operation?

hotelcarpet, Apr 12, 10:55pm
It's a "no brainer" modified steering must be certified. Can I suggest purchase a hobby car manual. Takes out so much umming and arring under the car on a Saturday morning. Also Great for quick reference and as posted contact a rep' of the LVVTA. happy Modifying :0

gpg58, Apr 12, 11:39pm
Found a free download for
is this the one you mean?

- but keep getting despite downloading to a second account - The secure download manager ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and is unable to process your download request.

The problem was due to the following reason:
The download link (see browser address bar) has expired (it’s too old). If you think this reason is in error, please contact the site administrator.

Weirdly both accounts got 2 emails with link, none work.
Will try again sometime.

mrfxit, Apr 13, 6:32am
Different links from that page & direct from the LVVT shop to that page.
Non of them work from any browser.

mrfxit, Apr 13, 6:39am
Mmmmm some sites say it's still a purchase price for the downloaded version.
Others including the LVVTA shop site say it's free

mrfxit, Apr 13, 6:58am
Contact them directly

4.11, Apr 13, 7:01am
just email them they answer in detail through my experiences

really helpful I have found

desmodave, Apr 13, 8:14am
I wonder if wof inspectors are meant to check Motorcycle steering dampers . Cant say i have ever noticed them pay any attention to them .

alowishes, Apr 13, 8:19am
I’m surprised that an item from a recognized manufacturer and is a bolt-on item designed to fit the vehicle needs certified?

kazbanz, Apr 13, 8:39am
I would strongly suggest that the guys that have already fitted the damper have worked on the "what the eye doesn't see" theory. I have no doubt that any modification or restriction of the steering system will require a cert.

gpg58, Apr 13, 10:02am
Thanks all.
Although bolt on, i also tend to think it is a restriction on steering movement(so has an effect on), so needs a cert.
Will contact a certifier for an opinion, but my thinking is better to have a cert, than an insurance or wof issue later on.

gpg58, Apr 13, 10:10am
Tried an emailed link again just now, and works fine this morning, so perhaps was a site issue, or email arrived before link became active.
So i now have it, and have printed it to a pdf file(510 pages), much better than paying 200 bucks for a hard copy of it, imo. cheers.

hotelcarpet, Apr 13, 10:25pm
Its about $250 and alot of info one can absorb to enhance their automotive side of engineering Don't really need one for minor mods' lowered, flares, motor swaps and turb'.

tygertung, Apr 13, 10:53pm
Can you just fit it, and if it is an issue during a WOF, just remove it?

gpg58, Apr 13, 11:34pm
Certainly considered doing just that, but potential for insurance being voided, if spotted by an assessor if ever involved in an accident, puts me off that approach. Have texted only local certifier on list, that does 1D certs, for a price to do, will see what he says.

intrade, Apr 14, 9:16am
interesting i remember the Lj50 the whole steering box flexed when you moved it parked left right had like close to 1/4 turn steering play lol

gpg58, Apr 14, 9:56am
One of my early 4wds, was an Lj 50, with an A14 nissan powering it, was amazing offroad, but worse than terrible on road, mostly due to the 305 TA radials on it (floated as well, which was fun in big flooded mud holes) they were a spaced large letter A pattern back then, so worked well off road, but tram lined on every rib or bump on the road. Was amazed when i saw inside an open transfer box, and spotted the bicycle size gears in it, which had been taking the nissan power ok on mine.

hotelcarpet, Apr 14, 12:15pm
To performance drive a lightweight car, with a short wheelbase and wide wind catching rubber up front. Better off adding a front spoiler which is a modification many overlook. cert this lower it, and fit steering dampening.

gpg58, Aug 22, 11:59am
Interesting idea, but thinking will act as a grader blade on the front off-road, as well.

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