Cheap Hyundai and Kia genuine parts

utwo, Nov 1, 7:07pm
I needed to buy a new rubber door seal and of course the local agents wanted stupid money (over $150). I went searching for alternatives and found Ordered the genuine part for US$11.76 plus shipping and it arrived at my door four days later (from South Korea). A lot of Hyundai parts aren't stocked locally anyway and you have to wait a week for them to come from Australia.

supernova2, Nov 1, 7:36pm
I can beat that. Need a Hyundai suspension component for a WOF. Local $380 +gst ex Korea. Rockauto usa $34 delivered in 4 days.

intrade, Nov 1, 7:43pm
ok how exactly did you order with live chat as i cant see how you select parts to buy? I also see they list the sangyoung istana aka my mb140 van

vomo2, Nov 1, 7:50pm
Where too for Nissan parts?

intrade, Nov 1, 7:53pm
they have renault and GM also . nissan often is renault crossover
i regod with my google account . searching parts seem to work.
only like 5 parts for renault it seems

intrade, Nov 1, 8:05pm
its quoting us$?
can you discribe process same as rockauto etc?

franc123, Nov 1, 8:15pm
That's great news. I see they are also getting into GM Korea parts which is even better news for local owners of Holden badge product like Captiva etc, they have the option of not being screwed over by the local distributors. Not that GM care about either of them anymore anyway lol.

muzz67, Nov 2, 6:44am
Does not seem to list the master electric window switch for wifes Rio?

intrade, Nov 2, 9:16am
punch in the part number thats on the switch. i looked up on russian site some istana parts with google and use the part numbers and it found them but waight needs confirming it said on any part . dont know if they really have it in stock but it listed as to purchase no immages so you have to be sure its the correct thing.

utwo, Nov 2, 8:22pm
To answer some of the above questions, if you don't already have the part number, follow the links to at the bottom of the left-hand side menu bar at From there you can browse the catalogues or search by VIN number. The catalogue contains diagrams, part numbers and descriptions. Searching by VIN number brings up the factory build sheet with the exact specification of your vehicle. Once you have the part number, enter that in the search box. It will display the price of the part and a shipping calculator. Add the part to your shopping cart, go through the checkout process and pay by credit card.

kcf, Nov 2, 9:05pm
D'oh, looked for 231242f000 (damper crankshaft pulley Sorento / Santa Fe) as a precautionary replacement. Apparently not available from original link, or rock auto.

peanuts37, Nov 2, 11:56pm

kcf, Oct 28, 3:47pm
oooo, thanks

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