Escudo lift kit

gv_51, Dec 5, 9:22am
I’m considering fitting a lift kit to my 2006 Suzuki Escudo to give it more ground clearance.I would appreciate any recommendations or advice around this project please

martin11, Dec 5, 9:43am
Scrap it and buy a vehicle with better ground clearance

mack77, Dec 5, 9:42pm
Do a search for "Lifting suspension on a Suzuki Vitara" on Google and you will hopefully get some information.

franc123, Dec 5, 10:41pm
Bear in mind that also requires LVV certification.

kingfisher21, Dec 6, 2:06am
Diffs are still the lowest point re ground clearance. Only bigger diameter wheels and tyres will fix that. Bearing in mind what model you have. Gen2 or the newer shape Gen3 with independent suspension all round?

gv_51, Dec 6, 7:35am
Thanks Guys. Appreciate your feedback

pico42, Oct 13, 4:43pm
We have a lifted Vitara, 1st generation one. Have a search on Auszookers website for some ideas, it still seems to have a bit of traffic. Offroadexpress website might do as well, but it has much less traffic nowadays.

How much lift are you thinking? What size tyres are you wanting to run? If you need to do the LVV cert anyway, a combination of suspension and body lift is probably best. Then you need to think about gearing. Not sure what front diff the 2006 model has, but the earlier models typically had an alloy housing that would break in spectacular ways.

Or, if a compact 4WD is what you are after with less fuss to make it quite capable off-road, buy a Jeep.

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