Floor structure rust

rak1, Jul 10, 3:58pm
Took our 2010 Camry to vtnz for a WOF today and passed easily. Found a note at the bottom of the wof check sheet that said "floor structure rust developing". What does that mean and who do I get to fix it. Thanks for advise.

differentthings, Jul 10, 4:19pm
there will be surface rust starting somewhere. It would pay to get onto it before it becomes a problem.

differentthings, Jul 10, 4:20pm
you could try a doctor, a dentist or a panel beater. lol

kazbanz, Jul 10, 4:52pm
get it treated asap.--its like a hole in a tooth-minor now -major tomorrow.

msigg, Jul 10, 5:10pm
Yes to diffentthings, go look for it, clean it and spray a rust inhibitor on it. Easy as at the moment.

intrade, Jul 10, 5:30pm
we can get corrosion X i can tell you the original importer if you want to buy from him. I did watch project farm who tested all anticorosive only one who was better then corosion X was crc however the crc does not sell the product in new zealand and corrsosion X was secound place. let me know as i can
only tell you via this forum if you want the information.

tony9, Jul 11, 3:42pm
Panel beater/car painter if you don't do it yourself. If you have a friendly local garage they can likely fix it.

If you do it yourself, bear in mind that time and travel has worn or rubbed off the original surface coating. Water or dust can even do that. So after rubbing off the surface rust, use a zinc rich primer/sealer, then put a durable top coat on it.

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