2004 to 2006 Nissan Note ?

msigg, Jul 12, 10:46am
Yes a good Nissan note will out last the others. All good if you like that sort of vehicle.

lissie, Jul 12, 10:59am
We have 15 yo Nissan note - owned it for 10 years it’s done 200k kms . Drives well, cost as very little except a recent replacement of something related to the spark plug in one cylinder.

kazbanz, Jul 12, 4:24pm
A Note is a ok car. It doesn't do anything in a spectacular fashion but gets on with the job.

gunhand, Jul 12, 4:27pm
Which would be entirely appropriate for a 16 yo girls first car I reckon.

slarty45, Jul 12, 4:29pm
Note looks like is has enough room in the back for pram, grandad

gunhand, Jul 12, 4:32pm
Better not be this side 2025 thank you. Yes we did note the good size boot.

gunhand, Jul 11, 5:25pm
Well its almost that time already Daughter is ready to start thinking (wanting) her license and therefore a car. Shes already working hard and saving hard so we have been looking at small sensible cars. Simple transmission, don't need 40 forward gears really, reasonable safety for the price and year and some thing that won't break at every intersection.
So, what are Nissan Notes like? Seem on the surface okay and in her price range.
Other car she liked was, no laughing, a 2000 2002 VW beetle.
When she said that I said NO NO NO NOOOOOO. BUT, I did some reading and looking and you know what. couldn't fine many complaints or major issues with them, even has a 3 star safety rating which isn't bad for that age, thats better than my AU XR.
So what are those who have had anything to do with them think?
Mind you being a teenage girl she could change her mind and want a new I phone 40.

intrade, Jul 11, 6:00pm
i seen quite a few nissan of that year without a immobilzer chip in key= they would be old tech and the ones to buy The less crap there is the less can fail as you know simple plain logic.

intrade, Jul 11, 6:01pm
a 2000 beetle is just a golf.

gunhand, Jul 11, 6:08pm
So the early Golfs must of been quite good then?
Yes, least amount of unwanted or needed tech the better.

intrade, Dec 25, 3:12pm
they where ok but not good if you dont service them they need g12 coolant tested and changed every 24 month or big big repairs with waterpump impeller falling off and what ever else relates to corrosive cooling system like rotting plastic you name it. also doors always have problems ecu can drown under winscreen etc. i have the sedan version of the golf called the bora.
So full service history is a must for a vw to see when you buy. if its not there walk away. No work for you they wont rust the mk4 frpm 1998+ is fully galvaised with 12 year factory anti rust warranty who would have expired by now but rust wont be like it is on asian cars thats for sure.
issues with vag is they have wierd relais not like asian relays they must be geniuen vw diodes and all sorts inside. they also often have a secound computer comanding ignition from the main ecu. As where other cars fire it all from the main ecu. Just stuff like this must know for diagnosing plenty online forums for everything on vw and fcp-euro may have most parts and rockauto i got my rear shocks from rockauto for 34$ from a jetta same as the bora. its all mk4 patform for underpinning and engines. only downside no pd-diesel engines in usa

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