Peugeot 3008

molly37, Mar 5, 9:36pm
Wanting a new SUV. As much as I feel I can rely on mazda and in the past have been good to us. I can't help but like the look of the new Peugeot 3008. Am I foolish to consider one. dont see many around, would they be costly to fix?, and they do appear to depreciate in comparison to say Mazda. I've not even considered how they drive. Anyone got one?

meow_mix, Mar 5, 10:15pm
They look very nice, a guy up the road from us has one and I'm always impressed when I walk past it, very modern looking with nice headlights and taillights. I can't see a modern Peugeot being unreliable compared to a Jap brand, but it might depreciate a bit more due to the fear of Euros we have in NZ.

kazbanz, Mar 6, 12:46am
Buy new and sell within 5 years. Then no worries

intrade, Mar 6, 8:43am
not if its psa crap. i have experience in brand new psa from the C brand out of 5 new ones 4 had extreem and dangerous faults like random self acceleration to name the worst example.
if you want a suv cheap get the dacia duster sold as renault here and as per above sell in 5 years or scrap in 7 to 10 .
other then that a Haval or simply dont buy a suv unless you live and or have to drive loads of gravel road.

trogedon, Mar 6, 8:54am
Don't buy a new SUV - think how damaged it'll get driving up river beds, being scratched going through forest, across the sand and through salt water, sliding down riverbanks, over rocks, throwing sheep and the sheep dogs in the back of it, wood, tools in the back. oh, you're not going to do that with it. then get a stationwagon.

msigg, Mar 6, 9:48am
Well they are a nice vehicle, if buying new they will not be a problem with a warranty, they are a good sized vehicle, the mazda or Toyota are excellent too, depends what you want, for the least depreciation that will be the famous RAV4, the SUV has great ride height, is very desirable and ease of entry ,exit, I had to get in and out a few times from a holden ute yesterday and it was a real pain, it was too low. These nay sayers above have no life, life is short you do what you want and have fun.

poppy62, Mar 6, 10:30am
Son had the 5008 and it was faultless. As Kazbanz says if you're buying new they come with a decent warranty anyway. They are no more expensive to service than anything else equivalent and service parts are cheap. The 3008 is comprehensively well equipped and is a real nice driver. Take one for test and if you like it, go for it.

molly37, Mar 6, 1:10pm
Actually it may well have a sheepdog in the back. We aren't Townies.

cjohnw, Mar 6, 1:43pm
Agree with the comment above that the Rav 4 will have better resale and depreciation.
Plus you can buy the Rav4 HYBRID for $43,990 drive away.
whereas the standard (base) Peugeot 3008 is $43,990 plus on-roads.
Incidentally the Peugeot Hybrid is priced at $89,990 plus on-roads, - something seems out of whack with that pricing.
Think I would choose the Rav if it was me.
Good luck with it anyway.

meow_mix, Mar 6, 2:09pm
Yeah the price differences there are interesting, I guess Toyota has been in the hybrid game longer than anyone else, they had the money to invest in this technology years ago, so a modern Toyota hybrid is at a good price. I wouldn't bother buying the Peugeot hybrid but the base model looks very nice and you get that Euro certain something and not just another boring Toyota.

yendor, Mar 6, 3:10pm
They do look nice, speaking of Mazda's, we test drove a CX30 a 2.5 L and a 2 L and couldn't believe how gutless they were. The 3008 is turbo so should go well. Drive one and if you like buy it!

molly37, Mar 6, 8:57pm
Oh so interesting. top of my list was the CX30. until I saw the 3008. Definitely need to take them both for a drive.

vtecintegra, Mar 6, 9:13pm
Aside from the murderous depreciation it'll suffer in that time of course.

Personally I don't like the modern Peugeot interior layout, but it's one of those love it or hate it things

socram, Mar 6, 9:44pm
Brother had a Peugeot 3008 in the UK and happier than with his previous Volvo, and is now just awaiting delivery of the Peugeot hybrid (3008 PHEV).

A grant from the UK government and the dealer, to go electric, so a subsidised decent charging point home installation, costing him $300 instead of the full price of $1800. He is also doing well with the solar panels, but the range on full electric isn't so hot - he reckons 40 miles, which is OK for pottering about.

vtecintegra, Mar 6, 9:47pm
The plugin version of the 3008 is genuinely impressive - it'd be a legit competitor for the Rav4 Prime (which we unfortunately don't get)

cjohnw, Mar 6, 9:55pm
The 3008 hybrid cost in the UK is said to be around 46,000 pounds for a hybrid with a range of 36 miles.
A full electric Kona with a range of 300 miles in the Uk is priced at 25,000 pounds.
Cant see the attraction for almost double the price myself.
But hey, whatever . . .£25000-price

vtecintegra, Mar 7, 7:44am
The Kona is tiny though - great car but not comparable.

tamarillo, Mar 7, 9:03am
Peugeot have worked hard at reliability and build, and yes they needed too. Used to be fantastic reliable cars (hence all the taxis in Africa) but lost the plot with both build and suspension tune. Seems they have worked hard and climbed back up in last few years. Maybe not at toyota level but as Toyota move down it helps!
If you have a good dealer near you that you trust go for it.

djrandomguy, Mar 8, 9:52am
Total Bullcrap again.
Design - class leading
Roadholding - excellent
Interior - class destroying
Load space amazing
Engine - 5 time engine of the year, bulletproof, bench test world record holder, economical and well proven
Transmisson - 6 or 8 speed Asian warner auto, proven, reliable and gears are well chosen.

Intrade needs to cut the shite with hs pre gen 1 208 PSA bashing. It's just sad.

The 3008 goes as well as it looks, you should definitely has a go

remmers, Mar 9, 3:29pm
We have 3008 diesel. Tried a range of mid size SUV before we purchased the Peugeot. Not saying the 3008 was best at everything but in our opinion was the winner overall.
The interior is in a class of its own.

curlcrown, Sep 4, 11:50pm
I was very surprised when the machainc I use for most of my work told me that he and his wife have Peugeots, however he went on to say that they buy new and trade in after three years.

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