Brake rotor skimming in Hamilton (On car skim)

mrfxit, Apr 22, 7:44pm
Who's still doing it, have heard that most brake places don't do it on car now & instead take the whole hub off of the an attached rotor hub.

Can't do that with a 4x4 so there must be someone with an on car brake skimmer here

mrfxit, Apr 22, 7:49pm
On a different direction, at Rockauto, what would a 95 Nissan Caravan be called over there?

intrade, Apr 22, 8:06pm
probably dont exists. check on wikipedia

muppet_slayer, Apr 22, 8:08pm
Google search came up with this crowd.

Services | Hamilton | Hamilton Brake & Clutch Specialists › services
Specialising in brakes, clutches and braking systems: we are Hamilton's car repair . Cylinder re-sleeving; Disc and drum machining; On-car disc machining

But when I go to their website they don't mention on car disc machining.

muppet_slayer, Apr 22, 8:18pm
Ahh found this on their website.

Looking for something very specific? Give us a call: we have a huge list of highly qualified and technical skills that can be put to the test whenever you need something very specific done to repair your car. We offer a diverse range of specialist car repair and services, such as:

Cylinder re-sleeving
Disc and drum machining
On-car disc machining

gph1961, Apr 22, 8:44pm

evotime, Apr 22, 10:03pm
Fairviews have both on and off car machines.

kazbanz, Apr 22, 10:56pm
Have you priced a pair of new disks?

saxman99, Apr 23, 12:19am
Also called:

Nissan Homy
Nissan Urvan
Nissan Urvan Escapade
Nissan Urvan Shuttle
Nissan Caravan Homy
Isuzu Fargo
FAW Jiefang CA 6440

mrfxit, Apr 24, 10:44am
in general, they don't do mechanical work, you take the parts to them.

mrfxit, Apr 24, 10:47am
Hence the Rockauto question.
OEM I suspect, would be a nasty price.
Any NZ aftermarket dealers I can try?

mrfxit, Apr 24, 10:50am
Any vehicle will be rubbish to the wrong person.
Eg: 95% of modern factory sports cars are rubbish, too big/heavy/ full of electronics's/ expensive to repair/ easy to write off (insurance write off) & simply too hard to work on at home

mrfxit, Apr 24, 10:56am
Thanks but nope.
Last name comes up but wrong engine etc

All the other options I have checked have the wrong engine (US only seems to have petrol versions) which could effect suspension types.

tygertung, Apr 25, 8:26am
I bought a new pair of discs on TradeMe for only $38 each.

mrfxit, Aug 17, 3:51pm
6 stud hubs same as 2wd version of 4x4

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