Belts sqeeling on ute

reeb, Apr 5, 10:37am
new belts mechanic put on.and spray water on them then stops, then squeals again. tighten up then still sqeeling. is it bearings? think he would have checked bearings

franc123, Apr 5, 10:45am
Well if the noise disappears after wetting them then clearly it's not. You are certain they are tight enough? Some of these drive belts these days stretch a lot in the first few thousand kms of use, it's not uncommon to have to adjust them three times in 10000km. Take it back to them if in doubt.

intrade, Apr 5, 11:33am
belt not re-tightened after fitting could have worn it out already now. and overtightening will put stress on what ever it drives wear bearings out.
can you post what brand the belt is like the crap with O in the name.
i seen a belt continue to stretch.
With a bosch 1 readjustment after it was hot and they are fine for example.

muppet_slayer, Apr 5, 11:42am
Once or twice we have had to clean the bottom of the 'V's out of a build up of crud that accumulates and goes hard in the bottom of the 'V's on the pulleys. Basically the new belt is held up from contacting the 'V's properly and can cause a squeal.

kazbanz, Apr 5, 12:35pm
I'd follow the advice above from 2 posters --too lazy to re type

socram, Apr 5, 6:16pm
If the above doesn't work, I have heard of a bodge. Sprinkle a bit of sugar onto the contact surfaces. Presumably it caramelises.

As I said, a bodge, but like coarsely ground black pepper into the water to cure a slight water leak, it may work.

supernova2, Apr 9, 11:10pm
I struck something similar not so long ago. new alt and power steer belts. Tensioned to spec. Squeal on startup. Went away but a week was back and worse. Turned out to be bottom pully. Damper delaminated and outer pulley ring spinning on inner.

gazzat22, Aug 23, 4:19pm
Try dry lube or soap or I hesitate to say this a squirt of CRC which I,ve seen work effectively and despite what some say causes NO damage.

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