Engine oil why not use any cheap oil

intrade, Mar 22, 2:37pm

tygertung, Mar 22, 3:18pm
I got this oil for $20 from repco, it was a good cost saving.

intrade, Mar 22, 4:51pm
watch embeded youtube in post 1 it explains what i say since years and years in extreeme details.

joanie32, Mar 24, 1:06pm
I’ve had some very expensive oil analysed that was crap too.

You cannot always determine if an oil is good or bad based on price alone

intrade, Mar 24, 1:22pm
this is why it needs to meet the spec the engine manufacturer stipulates.
compatible= it does not meet any specs. The video explains most things i say since years now.
You can use the cheapest oil meeting the spec. the dangers are to stick to brands you trust unless you can analyse it. as unknowen brands can put any sticker on a container , the warning sign are if it is ultra expensive like the porsche spec is sold for 30 40 $ for 5 liter. its impossible to meet the spec at a price like this as the additives who make up the spec cost this much already to the manufacturer. As A Example
quertz ineo total 140$ trade for 5 liter burns clean to keep dpf sooth free and still meets the spec. cheaper versions meet spec and make more sooth when burned. = why my passat has that oil in engine.

joanie32, Mar 24, 6:16pm
An oil can meet a spec and still be poor quality

These can contain as little as 2% additives

Quality oils are closer to 20%

Both will be within spec when sold

Fact is the best oils I’ve used are made by a company most New Zealanders have never heard of

Some of the worst have been from the giants of the Industry.

tamarillo, Mar 24, 7:03pm
What about theory that you should keep on running the oil it started with?
Sets the tolerances etc. dunno but it’s always worked for me.

trade4us2, Mar 26, 4:47pm
I have always used Castrol synthetic. Never any problems.

blogzy, Aug 29, 11:06am
What oil are you referring to ?

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