Rover 75 electric window switch

meow_mix, Aug 16, 8:34pm
Mum owns a beautiful 1999 Rover 75 in dark green, sadly the driver's door electric window switch has stopped working, we need to replace the cluster of four switches on the driver's door. We looked on Trade Me and have found the replacement switches but they are from a 2003 Rover 75 which is very similar to Mum's one. Does anyone know if the 2003 switches will work in a 1999 Rover 75?

tony9, Aug 16, 8:56pm
Have a look here.

If you cannot find it there, ask them where you can get it. Lot cheaper than buying in NZ.

meow_mix, Aug 16, 9:06pm
We are looking at buying a set of secondhand switches from a guy on Trade Me who is dismantling a 2003 75.

franc123, Aug 16, 9:33pm
Pull the switch out of the door and look for a part number on it and ask the seller to do the same and compare the numbers is surely the easiest solution.

gunhand, Aug 16, 9:46pm
Is the switch able to be pulled apart. Old Falcon ones are prone to stop working so people replace them but if your clever and follow a you tube vid you can pull them a part and clean them and they work again. All the years of grunge gets in. I have done this myself.

poppy62, Aug 16, 10:22pm
There's one in Pick a Part Mangere. Have you got any Whanau up in Akl, who can have a look for you.

meow_mix, Aug 17, 12:11am
Thanks guys, yeah good idea I'll email the part number to the seller and see if it matches.

gph1961, Aug 17, 4:35am
the parts below have already been sold

dublo, Aug 17, 10:02am
Suggest contact the Rover Car Club in Auckland. Their parts expert should be able to help. www.

kazbanz, Aug 17, 2:13pm
near as I can tell there was zero internal upgrades done until 2004/2005 which strongly suggests the parts are the same

rabbitt1000, Aug 17, 11:19pm
i have some switches of 420 rovers. maybee the same. if you can get a pic of what you have and send to me. via my bike listing. contact number

mgmad, Dec 5, 8:03am
Rover 75 door switches are all the same, but very different from 400 series cars. Rodney Jaguar Rover will have one