Rav4 steering

wizid, Sep 23, 2:23pm
it is an electric powered steering 2011 model . if you turn the wheel .it stay there. it will not center . feels like you have to corrected the wheel as if theres slop in the steering all the time while driving. something similar a ball joint being stuffed if that makes sense.

intrade, Sep 23, 3:32pm
well its a toyota what else did you expect_. exactly

wizid, Sep 23, 3:40pm
thank for your input .was very helpfull

intrade, Sep 23, 3:41pm
your welcome.

msigg, Sep 23, 5:15pm
Your wheel alignment may be out or tyre, re pressures, My wife has the 2010 RAV4 and at 180k drives perfect and nothing but servicing.

franc123, Sep 23, 9:15pm
Did this happen suddenly or has it gradually got worse?

intrade, Sep 23, 9:19pm
2 things either you drive the road south of whangarei towards marsden point. i had a client ask me about steering wheel pull . when i head south with my van i did know what he was on about it almost pulled me in the ditch if i was not steering against it. I told the client the right thing from what he said. its the road who is foobar. in your case its either that or its dangerous and you want it inspected by a real professional as it could be some steering compnent loose i had found that on a holden berina with steering play . tightened the spline clamp before she had a accident.

kazbanz, Sep 23, 9:43pm
Take it to a mechanic. Could be something simple .

wizid, Sep 24, 8:24am
just had a wheel alignment . and is still the same. cars only got 37000ks on it .so its quite new .

wizid, Sep 24, 8:26am
i have owned it for a month and has done it since i got it

wizid, Sep 24, 8:35am
the mechanic said come back when your done 60,000ks mite have loosened up by then . hes not my mechanic anymore

kazbanz, Sep 24, 9:21am
Ok now I had a similar sounding issue recently with a 2.4 Toyota Blade. (same engine and same EPS as the RAV)
TOTALLY my own fault. We sold a car JUST before lockdown and I needed a battery so stole the new one from the Blade.
I left the steering turned (don't ask why )
Had a wheel alignment to fix it.-no go. Then had the EPS reset.--TOTALLY different from the mechanical alignment. that sorted the steering.

wizid, Sep 24, 10:44am
ok thanks . i will try that .and see how it goes

gazzat22, Sep 24, 11:00am
A wise decision.!

wizid, Sep 24, 11:27am
thanks for putting me on to that . when i go to start the engine the eps lite has a warming up . .but goes away when started .

franc123, Sep 24, 11:59am
That is what it's supposed to do, all that's telling you is that there isnt a fault code stored. The system needs to be checked out properly with a scan tool that can perform the necessary reset. It's not a DIY thing

wizid, Sep 24, 2:24pm
scan tool going on it tomorrow.

kazbanz, Nov 15, 2:59pm
EPS computer is a pretty smart cookie. Yours thinks the wheel is straight ahead when its turned. the reset will have it thinking straight ahead IS straight ahead

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