Peugeot 206cc intermittently not starting

duncb, Nov 1, 5:47pm
Problem with car 2. Peugeot 206cc 2003 I first reported this problem in March when it first happened but I was not able to get the right help. I now have more information so I am hoping somebody now might be able to help. I have a basic bluetooth obd2 connector If the obd2 connector does not connect to the ECU it will not start. If the obd2 computer connects to the ECU it will start. (Not a big surprise) It reports error codes U1000 and U1118. I test drove it the other day and drove over a speed bump and the dials on the left of the dash stopped working (including the rev counter) and the air bag light came on. The rev counter on the obd2 connector still worked though. I drove it home with no problems. I switched it off and it refused to restart and of course no connection to ecu. Later cars have known problems with the cooling water overflowing and capillary action affecting the ECU connections. This does not appear to be the problem here but there has been water overflowing in the past. Maybe capillary action towards the BSI? Fault earth somewhere? It started fine today. Any suggestions?

marte, Nov 1, 6:11pm
I'm guessing the plug connections to the dashboard display

Though this guy got somebody with a proper froggy OBD & cleared it & it's ok now.

It seems to be miscommunication between the ECU & other parts of the car.
So yeah, maybe corroded wire connections

intrade, Nov 1, 6:15pm
u is comunication errors meaning its blaming somone else U as in you. You have to test all wires and systems on the network the u code occurred with a wiring diagramm and system mesurments. good luck with pukeot garbage .

duncb, Nov 1, 6:26pm
Yes there is a bad connection somewhere. The wiring looks like an old fashioned phone exchange so I am trying to avoid checking each and every wire especially when it may or may not work at any given time. If anyone knows a wiring diagram and / or system measurement I would be very please to have them. Pugs would not be my choice of cars but the beloved likes it and it is a very cute car when it works.

franc123, Nov 1, 6:28pm
That's almost certainly caused by a comms/bus error maybe even something like a cracked circuit board or bad pin connection etc.
If you can't determine what module the U codes are logging in I would be taking it to a Peugeot agent and finding out where its logged, and perhaps clearing the codes and replicating the fault and seeing where they are logging first. This will help in where diagnostics goes next. Good luck you will need it if it's not a known problem.

duncb, Nov 1, 7:16pm
I think you are right that that is a comms/bus error. The ECU connection look perfect and the ECUs are not known for being a problem. I have cleared the codes and they have re appeared eventually when there is a problem

intrade, Nov 1, 8:13pm
unfortunately i cant hep you you need somone with extreem skills like luis from LM autorepairs but he is in uk to show you what a nightmare you have in front of you.
i watch him on youtube i think thats laxia factory clone tool he uses there.

duncb, Nov 2, 8:44am
I got quite excited to hear that there was somebody around who was on an expert on such problems. My excitement waned when I realised he was on the other side of the world. Anyone know of someone closer to Auckland?

intrade, Nov 2, 9:07am
No and thats the problem. luise know a ton more then i do. The problem is these things take easy 20h to find a stupid broken wire in a harness for example. its why i liked the 2003 opel astra the main harness was all on the engine . i did not like it because it was a good car i liked it because it was easy to work on mechanically and for diagnostics it was all right there to mesure . I fitted a new engine ecu . after 20h+ spending + 25h rebuilding bent valves cause the cambelt snapped cause there was probably no grease in the waterpump geniuen unit . No better then a puko but more easy .
wont be for you but a puko is a step up in nightmare. from that thing.
if we really can get geniuen hundai kia parts then i have to get me a Gscan as thats the factory tool for them cars.
What you do need is somone who has "laxia " there is another tool name i cant recall as i recon there is nothing worse then a psa garbage on the planet.
my fathers girlfriend has alsheimer no wonder she did keep buying one after another citroen = same psa garbage as puke-ot . Non of them worked right all brand new with 0 kilometers. you cant tell me you buy 5 duds and it was just bad luck.

djrandomguy, Nov 2, 12:00pm
still so salty. I'm onto my 3rd 206 now, 1.4i no issues apart from services. 206 Gti SW fuel pump at 216,000 kms, new starter motor and an indicator switch. 206 Gti 168,00 kms, FSH, no worries at all. Broom broom. All are manual btw as the auto's were terrible

kazbanz, Nov 5, 10:51am
duncb. My suggestion before digging deep into this mess is to try the simplest stuff first. By that I mean all the plugs checked for clean/corrosion free as well as everything being tight. Then check your earth wires and connections. Im NOT saying for a second I'm right but simple is often overlooked.

socram, Oct 28, 6:49am
Never knew that Peugeot made a car with such a small engine.

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