Boat trailer rego no. on boat

likit, Oct 25, 9:06am
Yesterday at Lyttelton when launching our boat we were told we should have the trailer rego on the boat somewhere for ID purposes. I understood you could have a name on the boat which we do or the trailer rego. Unfortunately I was in the boat & the officials were talking to my son so, I’m not sure who they represent, they did say they were doing safety checks there.
I remember seeing a while ago some info about this but, can’t find it now, can anyone else help, thanks.
PS I’ve tried googling but no help.

sw20, Oct 25, 9:15am

likit, Oct 25, 9:18am
Thanks sw20
I see it’s a regional council order I was checking nzta

msigg, Oct 25, 12:54pm
Nothing to do with nzta. You don't need to name any boat. As you said maybe local authority/tosser.

martin11, Oct 25, 1:35pm
ID is required on Boats in the Marlborough Sounds , and I believe in the Auckland areas require Jet Skis and PWCs to be registered . .

msigg, Oct 25, 2:00pm
There is no registration for boats in Auckland harbour or Manukau harbour. But one day there will be to raise revenue like always, the auckland city council don't give a toss about boat use in Auckland, they won't build more ramps and parking just more restrictions everywhere. PC gone mad. No more good old days.

martin11, Oct 25, 2:39pm
Jetski registration is a one-off registration, valid for the lifetime of the vessel. Registration helps provide a safe maritime environment for everyone and can also help identify your vessel in case it is stolen. Boat registration is not required in Auckland.
Registering your jetski or personal watercraft (PWC) is mandatory under the Auckland Council Navigation Safety Bylaw.

likit, Oct 25, 3:42pm
This is not a registration cost to boat owner, all we have to do is put trailer rego no. on both sides of boat & at least 90 mm high. It is a Canterbury Regional Council directive.

dublo, Oct 25, 4:14pm
Years ago I recall Auckland required all boats to be named. Shortly after the Queen Elizabeth 2 visited on its maiden voyage my mate bought a Parkercraft dinghy. He named it QE3.

tygertung, Oct 25, 5:56pm
It is the other way around, you put the boat number on the trailer. Either the sail no. or the hull no.

mrcat1, Oct 25, 10:51pm
Incorrect, either rego number, radio call sign or boating club number onto the boat.

tygertung, Oct 26, 7:20am
You want to have the sail number on the trailer, so if there is an empty trailer at the ramp, they know which boat to look for. A beach trailer has no rego number.

bwg11, Oct 26, 9:08am
A ridiculous local rule. I've no objection to identifying marking on watercraft, jet skis in particular, but these rules should be national, not regional and based on the whim of a local regional local authority and are different or non-existent in other areas. Just plain stupid.

martin11, Oct 26, 9:46am
They rule exists in many parts of the country . It is not just local

likit, Oct 26, 1:11pm
Incorrect, read the link at no.2

mrcat1, Oct 26, 3:17pm
That's not the requirement, its what ive said is the requirement from a lot of regional councils.
If your a regular at a sail club i can see what your saying is sensible, just depends if anyone picks up on it at the end of the day.

tygertung, Oct 26, 3:58pm
I can see the logic to having the road trailer rego number on a jetski or fizz boat, but it is more logical to have the sail number on the trailer of a sailboat.

mrcat1, Oct 26, 10:32pm
Its basically so if your being a d!ck, they can track you down.

tim41, Oct 27, 5:13am
maybe people in the good old days had a lot more common sence than todays lot,come to taupo over summer and youll see why you need names on boats

tygertung, Oct 27, 12:04pm
I was thinking from a sail boat perspective. Sailors tend to be a bit more considerate, but motor boats don't require any particular skills to use, so you can get just anyone driving them without any consideration or courtesy for others, and complete ignorance of any regulations. Motor boats are often not too bad, but jetskis are the worst. There are a few jetski operators out there giving the rest a bad name.

martin11, Nov 1, 1:54am
Time to be like other countries , Boat Licences .

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