Brake calipers 1999 Odyssey

maclad, Oct 20, 4:58pm
Was putting new rear brake pads in Odyssey at weekend, (done brakes a few times before) with no issues. This time however the outer pad covered the slot where the disc sits by 4mm so we abandoned the job as we could not figure out why. Someone has since told me that the outer side of the caliper can actually be moved, is this correct? How? thanks. We do have the correct pads, has been double and triple checked.

bjmh, Oct 20, 5:09pm
Theres 2 slides/pivots that need to be free. sounds like they are seized.

bjmh, Oct 20, 5:11pm

kazbanz, Oct 20, 5:35pm
2 thoughts.Does the 99 oddity have a screw piston? -Piston needs to be screwed back in further 2) seized caliper slides.

desmodave, Oct 20, 5:43pm
Sounds a bit Vag Kaz . No wonder i have a handy little kit in a plastic case for most jobs . After buying the wheels at a good $ like .

maclad, Oct 20, 5:43pm
Piston is fine, will check out caliper slides. I have much to learn.

marte, Oct 20, 6:17pm
Supercheap auto sell the proper caliper slide grease on the display with the tubes of glue & 2 pack resins & such.
It's a green fluid in a clear pouch I think.
I gotta get some, as well as the proper tool kit to push the calipers back.
Don't forget to expel the air from under the caliper boot, or it runs on the back of the brake pad, gets hot, wears & degrades.

I messed around with a oddessy awhile ago & I'm sure that 2 of the brake hoses had collapsed because when we went to bleed it, could only bleed it by pushing slowly on those 2 brakes, once it blocked up, we had to leave it for a while.
During use, once the brakes got hot, they would 'come on' & lock up.
There was water in the fluid too. After bleeding they stopped locking up.

maclad, Nov 4, 10:53am
Thank you that is all useful

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