Ford Courier fueling issues

kevin_the_kiwi, Dec 17, 9:00pm
Hi helpful fellow motorists I am having fueling issues with my diesel WL-T, symptoms are slow acceleration maxing out in revs around 2,700 white smoke from exhaust when it gets to this point.
Has boost does not seem to be due to lack of air based on removing air intake from turbo and symptoms persisting.
When I manually pump the primer pump I can rev her right out (can't see revs but seems higher) with no smoke from exhaust.
Fuel filter smelt like piss and had brown diesel in it if I replace lift pump and diesel filter is this likely to fix the issue or could it still be injector pump or fuel pick up?

franc123, Dec 17, 9:54pm
Well if you've got a fuel contamination issue you need to sort that out first, drain tank and remove it, wash it out and completely dry it, blow lines and pickup out etc, I cant recall if they use a metal or plastic tank but if its rusty inside then it will have to be replaced, and obviously bleed the system up with new diesel and filter. WL's also have a sock filter that lives under the injector pump inlet line banjo, this will need to be hooked out and cleaned. I'd recommend you get someone who has done one before to do it. Once you've done all.that hope that the IP hasn't been damaged by rust internally. Have fun.

intrade, Dec 17, 9:59pm
smell like piss sounds like ethanol .you would want to drop the tank and clean it and or do anyway thro a half a liter chemtech or other diesel fuel additive in the tank . Then clean it as soon as you can. Shows that one should keep to use chemtech flashlube or diesel stop smoke . Then change filter again you can open the center bolt on the pump and flush the crap out if you think you have crap passed the fuel filter. Dont loose any parts dont run it with center bolt out.

intrade, Dec 17, 10:05pm
the issue is blow the crap back to the tank with compressed air . when zou use the primer you basically add a fuel pump for thet time you press it. The injector pump has the suction pump built in so You do need to check input filter mesh and id flush it thru center bolt. We had sand in our 1988 fiesta lol well it still went after i fixed it till the rust got the better of it.
it ran on heating oil hence the sand somhow

intrade, Dec 17, 10:09pm
center bolt where injector pipes screw on undo the center one and check for dirt. if you have dirt there you need to remove the whole pump as there be more sand and crap in the bottom of the pump
center bolt is used to fit the clock to time the pump. its the high pressure side . the suction pump is on the other side it looks like a air rattle gun that pump if you ever stripped a air rattle gun similar vanes to suck fuel from tank

intrade, Dec 17, 10:22pm
you see on the back they cut the immage and put the pump sidways on the immage 4 vanes thats what sucks the fuel from your tank the vane pump. any air leaks and it will have problems and stall.

intrade, Dec 17, 10:24pm
most easy way to see if the pump has a problem is to run 2 hoses in a fuel container and run the thing with this bypass. if it operates fine then your problem is in the lines back to the tank.

kevin_the_kiwi, Dec 17, 10:26pm
Thanks for the feed back guys sounds a bit more involved than I was hoping, at least it's high enough off the ground to drop the tank without too much trouble quarter tank so shouldn't get too squished.
I have a spare injector pump from replacing engine earlier this year will see if sock filter is realistic for my abilities, will try some flashlube and see if that gets her motor purring. I haven't had any stalling issues yet so I'll start with tank clean and bleed plus new fuel filter and go from there.

kevin_the_kiwi, Dec 27, 2:57pm
This was the exact issue clogged up mini filter, thank you.
I replaced the fuel filter too now there's a filter looking red dash light staying on engine oil is fine and it's running fine I'm going to see if I can reset the light by disconnecting the battery. I can't find what the light is supposed to mean from my various google searches. It is a filter looking icon with a drip coming out the bottom.

franc123, Dec 27, 3:18pm
You have plugged in the float switch on the base of the main fuel filter? Also what was the inside of the tank like?

mechnificent, Dec 27, 3:47pm
If pumping the primer cures it I'd say clean fuel and a new filter will stop the problem. And the fuel filter is real fine and won't let rust or sand through. ignore that.

Drain the tank, hopefully you can get all the fuel out, perhaps it has a drain bung, and half fill, put in some anti bug additive, new filter, bleed it and start it up. I'll bet it will be fine. The gauze on the pump probably doesn't have any dirt in it and probably isn't the problem. The main filter should be keeping dirt and the diesel bug out of that gauze.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 3:48pm
Oh ok. Well done Kev.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 3:51pm
That light means there's water in the fuel filter normally. It has a float that floats on water but not on fuel. Undo the tap on the bottom and check for water coming out, if there is none you probably got the float a bit cocked over so it's stuck up a bit. try going for a short drive over some rough ground and it might jiggle down.

m16d, Dec 27, 5:32pm

franc123, Dec 27, 5:49pm
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mechnificent, Dec 27, 6:03pm
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mechnificent, Dec 27, 6:44pm
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apollo11, Dec 27, 6:53pm
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mechnificent, Dec 27, 7:14pm
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intrade, Oct 5, 10:18am
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