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daz59, May 1, 9:30am
Hi all.

About a week ago I noticed one clunk/ hard change between 2nd and 3rd. Last night while driving home it happened again multiple times and each time getting rougher and rougher, a little picture came up
On the screen with a spanner and manual written each time it did a hard change. I pulled over turned it off then started again and the issue went away. Car has done 65k. I checked gearbox oil this morning and its full, slight dark tinge to it and there seems to be a film of oil sitting under the front housing of the gearbox.

Any ideas?

intrade, May 1, 9:44am
ummmm i dont know how you checked the gearox oil my mates bt 50 aka ranger has no dipstick. Is your transmission the power$hit one?

daz59, May 1, 10:00am
Dipstick is on the right side of gearbox, you have to get under the car to check it.

franc123, May 1, 10:02am
Powershift lol NO. I would be more suspicious of a shift solenoid starting to fail although that doesnt explain the oil film, assuming its even transmission oil. It cant be too hard to ID yhe problem as its logging a fault code which is what the screen is telling you.

daz59, May 1, 10:26am
It does smell like transmission oil unfortunately.

monaro17, May 1, 5:02pm
The 6R80 gearbox fitted to the ranger has been known to have issues such as you describe. There are a few technical service bulletins and scheduled fixes for these issues. Best to get Ford to check if it’s had them all completed as part of its regular servicing

daz59, May 5, 8:07am
So they have come back with a faulty wiring harness in the gearbox that is causing an issue with the speed sensor, it will be fixed later today.

Repair will cost $1500
Vehicle is 1.5 years out of its 3 year warranty, although its only done 65k.

Obviously it shouldn’t have failed, do you think I have a leg to stand on if I jump up and down with the fact it has not lasted a reasonable length of time (as per consumers act) or is this sort of thing to be expected after 4.5 years?

intrade, May 5, 9:41am
Well was it purchased from dealer? And did you read The consumer guearantee act?
I used the act once on the warhouse. On a tablet that was 13 month old and i had used it 3 times and then it was flat and would not recharge.
They said its out of warranty Do you have a extended warranty? I said no i have the consumer guarantee act and i want it fixed under that. Had to say it 3 times at 3th time i said call the manager.
Then Came back and said We give you a full refund . i said that fine too as the act states refund or repair. For other stuff its different You got to read thru all the CGA bull and get armed like a lawyer to proceed.

daz59, May 5, 10:31am
Yes purchased from them and serviced by them etc.

budgel, May 5, 11:55am
Interesting. I was talking to a vehicle recovery driver and he said by far the most common ute they picked up were Rangers with transmission failures.

franc123, May 5, 2:27pm
No absolutely not. Unless a wiring harness has been damaged by impact, by rodents or some other external factor beyond the manufacturers control, the only reason generally they will give an issue is through being made incorrectly and being stressed mechanically or by heat or else not installed correctly in the plant, been chafed etc. If any of the latter they should still be covering it under warranty, by its very nature it may take some years/kms before it becomes a problem.

daz59, May 5, 4:04pm
So they are still working on it, apparently its the Molded Lead Frame that needs replacing, not the harness.

amberley1, Jun 2, 8:45pm
2013 Ford Ranger diesel, completely dead, was running fine, possibly some draw off battery when not being used?, any ideas, cheers.

strobo, Jun 2, 9:24pm
Either discharged batt ,try jumpers ? check main fuse at battery,etc

intrade, Jun 3, 10:47am
You better dont sell that reliable toyota . You need to find a place that has people with a clue working like BF-mat but i cant recall What company it was but its fixing electric cars and korean models is what i recall in nelson i think.

intrade, Jun 3, 10:49am
get a cteck charger and charge it up Do not jumpstart it in unknowen condition electric spikes are bad for modern cars unlike for 90s models

franc123, Jun 3, 10:52am
The battery has probably fallen over FFS. Can happen to any car.

skiff1, Jun 5, 9:19am
so the most commonly broken down ute is also the the most common ute sold new in NZ? Not exactly earth shattering news.

clark20, Jun 5, 11:41am
Yeah, people don't understand this one too much

intrade, Jun 5, 12:19pm
that's actually because of people like electric hesus . The way it works is "example "
every car is the exact same with just a different dadge and it has a 10% fail rate . What elecric hesus would say his 100 cars only have 10% fail rate and are far superior over the other makes' car that sold 200 cars and has a 20% failure rate. This is how the bull$hit with numbers works. Just let the fact that 200 cars was sold out and you are superior . or as i would say full of $hit.

msigg, Jun 5, 4:58pm
Yes intrade has a point here, no real electric hesus around. dreamers.

car__parts, Jun 5, 7:17pm
It may not be a wiring harness but simly a plug some where in the system that needs cleaning. You can drop the pan and check and replace your own solenoids. And also a loose torque converter can also go clunk.

smallwoods, Jun 5, 11:33pm
Mine went with a shudder/thump.
Was torque converter rebuild.
Got rebuilt by Marshall Transmissions Hamilton and no problem since.

Had done about 185,000kms though.

supernova2, Jun 7, 11:13am
welcome to the world of FORD - Found On Rubbish Dump

skiff1, Jun 7, 11:26am
you should get a Nobel prize for original comedy! Name a brand or marque that hasn’t had a lemons or duds or just general shitters?

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