Ranger tyre pressure sensor- new wheels

tigertim20, Jul 27, 9:37am
have a 2017 Ranger. Tyres were getting low after 70k travelled (original tyres)

The boss has exact same ute - however when he got his one at the same time, he put aftermarket wheel on, so the original wheels off his ranger still had brand new tyres onthem.

I swapped the wheels over - great got good tyres now.

However I get a tyre pressure sensor warning, Looks like I can reset that easily enough, but is it just going to keep coming back because I changed the wheels?

Will I have to take the wheels back off and get the sensor swapped over between the wheels?

intrade, Jul 27, 9:56am
no the tyre pressure sensor nead to be learned to the computer via obd2 via the factory side of that plug . if you follow me there is 2 rooms there is the obd2 law room= emission only . and then there is the factory room. where tpms resides.
Now on some cars this can be done wireless some you have to go thru the obd2 port to feed information in to complete.

intrade, Jul 27, 9:58am
keep in mind this is only for GM
and look at the date i know this since 2014+ -
now you have new sensors to the cars computer it be different again. as you got to learn the transmitters to the car. To your car the tpms cant be seen otherwise it would change tire presure if a other ranger passes you if you get me.
the big problem is is the system a ford or is it the mazda

tony9, Jul 27, 10:08am
Some need a special tool to be placed over each tire valve in turn to program the sensors. Ford would be able to do it, but the "special" tool is actually a magnet. Works on Jeeps, don't know about other makes. Google will find out about it.

intrade, Jul 27, 10:19am
i just found this if you want the truth delivered with ms browns boys comedy added.

its 100% accurate to 7 minutes usually only his opinions may differ.

intrade, Jul 27, 10:46am
tpms is required for stability control who is now compulsory by law i cant recall if its for all imports or just brand new vehicles. 20 years and older imports are exempted if i recall right .
Stability control needs to know if and how and why the rolling circumference changed to not apply the brakes and flip the car in a ditch with low tyre pressure. Trailer computers are also required so the system know if and when a trailer is on the hitch and that the rear end lift in a curve down hill may come from the trailer pushing .

tony9, Jul 27, 11:02am
Dead easy to reset the Ranger one. No special devices needed.


tony9, Jul 27, 11:17am
And this for the wheel specific one using the special tool (Magnet)


intrade, Jul 27, 11:24am
i have not got time to look but will it learn the new transponder id. as it is different from relearning already programmed sensors.

tony9, Jul 27, 11:49am
Yes, it learns new transponder IDs. I fitted a couple of new ones to the Jeep using this procedure. This was before I found that the batteries in the units could be replaced, although not easily.

Bear in mind that the units are supposed to be replaced every 3-5 years as the batteries go flat over time.

vr4_legnum, Jul 27, 3:51pm
Will more then likely to have swap the sensors from your old rims to your new rims as your boss would have remove his sensors to his aftermarket rims

bigfatmat1, Jul 27, 6:24pm
thats only for if the pressure has changed op has new wheels? Needs to be coded so it knows the id of each wheel and where on the car that id is

evotime, Dec 16, 2:10pm
The tpms sensors will have been swapped into the mags your boss has from his original wheels, you’ll need to grab your old sensors from your old rims.
That means popping the bead on all wheels and swapping the sensors.
Drop by dc ford they can check in 10 seconds with the tpms reader (and they have a tyre machine if the swap is needed)
Edit- if it does have sensors Bryce will probably code them while you wait it takes 5 mins.

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