Hilux workmate 2019 auto 2.7 Petrol

matt575, Apr 10, 7:52pm
What sort of fuel consumption are you getting? Thinking of buying one. I don't tow anything, just miss not having the old ute. Are they any good? Any real problems? What is your experience with them.

stevo2, Apr 10, 8:09pm
My mate has just ordered a new one. He's had Hilux diesels for years but wants to try one of these as his "local" runabout. He'll keep his diesel for longer trips. He's had numerous issues with the DPF in his 5 year old Hilux and eventually it was replaced by Toyota, even out of warranty.

s_nz, Apr 11, 10:47am
Rated at 10.9L/100km single cab, 10.4L/100km doubloe cab.

cars-guide did a a loaded test of the single cab manual version (not sold in NZ). Its rated at 11.1L/100km, and they got 11.4L/100km. Generally journalists don't go easy on test cars, so it sounds like one will get close to the rated consumption.

I have never been in a workmate, but having grown up with a Low ute, and more recently having used high 4x4 ones, I can definitely see the appeal of a lower vehicle for ease of loading.

The 2.7L engine is said to be very soild (better than the diesels), and is has been sold in high volumes on stuff like the hiace, along with being the base engine on the Toyota Tacoma in the USA.

jdeere8130, Apr 11, 11:48am
We have one at work and I'd say the figures quoted above are about right. I drive a 2.8 diesel low ute which averages 10l/100 and I haven't worked it out but I would say by the time road miles are taken into account there would be very little difference in overall economy. Plus what else can you buy brand new for $30000 and I really like the low utes for the external rope hooks and the ability to put timber etc over the roof. To be honest I prefer my manual over the auto but that's just personal preference.

kavebunny, Aug 15, 2:42pm
all i can say is with a trailer 17c/km empty upto 24c/km loaded at $1.30/L (91)
from the ute log book

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