Replacing headlight 2001 Ford Falcon advice please

budsgal, Oct 15, 7:56pm
2001 Ford Falcon AUII XR6 4FA
My car needs a new headlight as current has been broken by stone hitting the glass. I have been told headlights are hard to source, but to replace the headlight the front bumper etc will need to come off to do it.
Question has anyone done this before, and how big a job are we talking to get it replaced? Appreciate advice as Im not a mechanically minded person .

gunhand, Oct 15, 8:07pm
Last time I removed one it was like 4000 clips 200 screws and generally a pain in the butt. I am getting older so that may be a slight (not to slight) exaggeration. And you can get lights easy enough off TM, plenty of listing for parts and can be a bit pricey. That was to replace the bumper itself. Could be an easier way to get at lights though.

cattleshed, Oct 15, 8:18pm
Generally you never have to completely remove the bumper just sufficient screws and clips to move the bumper down sufficiently on that side to unbolt the light and extract.

franc123, Oct 15, 8:32pm
Dont forget to fit Liteskinz to all of them while you are in there.

budsgal, Oct 15, 8:33pm
it doesn't have great value, but its quite reliable and handy for my needs so weighing up fixing it or letting it go with the info I was given. Would I be better to take to auto electrician or panel beater? thank you for the replies, much appreciated.

skully13, Oct 15, 8:45pm
Didn't remove the whole bumper, to replace my one, just remove enough screws and bolts to get to it. from what I can remember there is 1 bastard bolt hidden that you wouldn't think would be there. Just be thankful you are only having to replace the glass. Wait until you have to replace the bucket/bracket that holds the lights. They are getting hard to find in useable condition.

gunhand, Oct 15, 8:49pm
Panel beater they will have removed the odd one no doubt. Don't be to quick to part with it if its in good nick and moderate Kms or low. Next time you are out and about count how many you see and think about that.
I have an 02 VCT one tucked up in the garage. Ive been offered more than I payed it for it a year and a bit ago.

skully13, Oct 15, 9:00pm
If it is rust free, and tidy, keep it
If you are handy with tools, and not scared to give things a go. Be patient, and careful , it's not that hard to do.

budsgal, Oct 15, 9:05pm
It is very tidy, rust free and owes me nothing, hardly spent a cent on it in the few years I've had it. But have spent alot of $$$ on money pits in the past so just being careful. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate your time, I think I will investigate further into repairing it. Cheers .

richardmayes, Oct 16, 11:02am
Good luck, the XR6 and XR8 fronts are hard to come by because for 20 years now, aspirant supercar drivers have been putting XR fronts onto 4-speed Auto fortes and futuras, to help them win the race in their own minds!

franc123, Oct 16, 12:00pm
? All automatic AU's were 4 speed, including the vast majority of XR's

richardmayes, Nov 6, 9:13am
I know. I ran an AU Forte for 5 years. it wasn't a particularly "smart" auto, and the gear ratios were for sensible driving but hardly conducive to carving corners or winning races! I'm sure they were set up differently for the hotter models and the V8s. ?

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