NZTA REGO SITE - Is there a glitch today?

mme, Sep 13, 4:59pm
It keeps going straight this page as soon I click start!

Or have they changed in last few weeks? We were able get new rego for the other car a few weeks ago.

sw20, Sep 13, 6:37pm
It's been glitching off an on for me for the past week. Timed out when I bought some rego. Didn't know if it went through or not, but it did.

Then when I went to do change of ownership it wouldn't work and said come back later on phone, but desktop worked fine.

mme, Sep 13, 8:37pm
It timed out as soon as I started. Other way round for me! I used my phone & no problems there at all. Oh well.

owen106, Sep 13, 8:38pm
I used CCleaner and fixed the problem.

bwg11, Nov 20, 3:58pm
I've just renewed two trailers and put two bikes on hold yesterday with no problems.

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