Top of the season petrol heads.

bigjerry, Dec 18, 8:15am
All the best everyone. Hope you all advance on any projects you may have. May you enjoy a cold beer or 2 in the shed and basically enjoy the break.I look forward to updates on this. Cheers.

monaro_xxx, Dec 18, 10:11am
i want a shed for xmas!
cheers to you to!

sifty, Dec 18, 7:12pm
I have a shed
I also have umpteen projects
Problem is I also have a wife and 2 small kids

I want some time for christmas.

best wishes all

michael.benn, Dec 18, 8:08pm
Merry Christmas guys :)

pge, Dec 18, 8:15pm
Mai I also add my felicitations to all on TMMB.

To all motorcyclists, STAY UPRIGHT!

To all cagers, please avoid each and every road-user.

johnf_456, Dec 19, 3:24am
Merry Christmas all, its been a great year

i-n-horz, Dec 19, 3:34am
Time for y'all to be make'n memories folks so all the best during the process.keep some tall tales for the MMB when y'all get back.
Play hard,play safe and most of all play to win ;)

thejazzpianoma, Dec 19, 3:37am
Oh boy many projects here!

Just waiting on parts to arrive from the States (slow being Christmas and I was late to order) so I can do a cambelt, transmission and engine service on the inlaw's Audi A3 Turbo. (They upgraded from a Hilux recently)

Then I have the campervan wiring for my folks.

Then I have the cambelt etc to do on the Marea. oh boy thats going to be fun! (and not the usual easy to work on Fiat type fun being the 5 Cyl.)

Just have to keep nibbling away, and try not to get too worn out. We will get there though and hopefully have a good time along the way.

Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you get lots of great powertools for Christmas like Me! (my orders are in). Thanks for keeping me company on my tired days/weeks and putting up with hearing the same speal on a regular basis. You wouldn't believe what a difference your company makes to someone who can't always summon the energy to crawl out of bed.

And don't forget the reason for the season! (and no thats not powertools).

lookoutas, Dec 19, 4:25am
Good cheers everyone

mellisa2000, Dec 19, 8:21am
Chin's up! (Bottoms up just a bit un-PC!) Cheers to all for a great debate throughout the year. T those I've met, and those I've not yet:

rob_man, Dec 19, 8:26am
Merry everything everybody. Shouldn't you be learning the lead guitar outro to Hotel California Jerry!
I got a shed Monaro.

jmma, Dec 19, 8:33am
Merry xmas everyone, lets clean those sheds up. Nah forget I said that, wouldn't be able to find anything (o: Jerry playing Hotel California! did KISS do that!

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