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cautis, Feb 20, 8:12am
I have a 2000 Subaru Impreza 1.5lt.The little sticker inside the fuel cap says use BP 91,but I heard recently that all cars newer than 1998 should be run on 98 petrol.Is this correct!I was also told that my car should be run on 98.I will be ringing Subaru tomorrow but if anyone could give me some ideas tonight I'd appreciate it.Thanks!

bowla3, Feb 20, 8:13am
All petrol comes from the same source at Wiri, maybe Gull is different.

moosie_21, Feb 20, 8:13am
98 is overkill, 91 is for lawnmowers. Use 95

franc123, Feb 20, 8:15am
It doesn't need 98, it will be 91 or perhaps 95.If it runs fine on 91 I'd leave it on that.No the 1998/needs 98 fuel is not correct lol.

cautis, Feb 20, 8:17am
Ok thanks guys.I may have got 98 and 95 mixed up lol.

murph2068594, Feb 20, 8:19am
Ethanol or E85 is the best fuel to get, if you car can run on it.

It's everywhere in Australia, don't know about here.

moosie_21, Feb 20, 8:20am
This is true. But is he honestly going to tune his 1.5 litre engine to run on E85! It's not a dragster!

cautis, Feb 20, 8:22am
She lol.And no it's definitely NOT a dragster!

clark20, Feb 20, 8:26am
You may be thinking E10, the new Commodore V8 can run on E85 now but not the V6 yet. Most can run E10 but not much point.

jmma, Feb 20, 8:33am
Dont use 91 in Lawnmowers, stuffs the carb diaphram,

jasongroves, Feb 20, 8:40am
95 minimum is recommended ;)

jasongroves, Feb 20, 8:44am
Some idiot forecourt attendant no doubt.

moosie_21, Feb 20, 8:45am
lol, ok, 91's only useful for molotov cocktails then, my bad!

cautis, Feb 20, 8:50am
Dunno, cos I got it NZ new and it was on there when I bought it.

franc123, Feb 20, 9:26am
Did you buy it new or used!It seems unlikely that Subaru NZ or the dealership you got it from would have put a BP fuel sticker on it.Still best to get confirmation from them I reckon.

jono2912, Feb 20, 10:52am
Although BP isn't only in NZ.

im_andrew, Feb 20, 11:07am
But the car is nz new.

I doubt the subaru factory in japan would have put the sticker on.

aoc1, Feb 20, 11:14am
Just changed my 2lt over to 95 and itruns so much better.

cautis, Feb 20, 7:03pm
I bought it used, had just been brought over from Japan.

So if I have less than a quarter tank of 91 in it this week, would it be okay to put in 95!Or do I need to run it right down to empty!

johnf_456, Feb 20, 7:07pm
Mixing wron't harm the engine, it will just low the octane of the new octane fuel. Depending how many litres of higher octane fuel vs the lower one.

cautis, Feb 20, 7:17pm
Thanks John.

Ok so I'll run it down as much as possible, then put in as much as I can afford of 95!Hopefully I'll get better mileage and it will run better.

johnf_456, Feb 20, 7:33pm
Correct :D

tigra, Feb 20, 7:43pm
Since when!I dont know of anybody using 95 in their lawn mowers, well not in my circle of associates and neighbours anyway.

jmma, Feb 21, 4:45am
Go ask at a Mobil petrol station, they add ethonal and it rots the carb diaphram, also sucks in moisture from the air, I work on mowers all day and see the results all the time

shortkiwiboy, Feb 21, 5:22am
They sell BP ultimate 98 around the central Otago area at $2.25 per litre . . . My pajero pinks really bad on the 91 and runs sweet on the 98.

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