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mk3zephyr, Jan 10, 3:51am
Diesel unchanged. Price hikes blamed on a possible diplomatic crisis betwen Iran and the West. Real reason.Mum and Dad investor spent too much over Christmas and need us to top up their bank accounts for them to pre Christmas levels

jono2912, Jan 10, 4:06am
Actually, this was warned.

huffalump, Jan 10, 5:02am
lol, petrol has gone to $2.16.9 and Diesel has gone up to $1.63.9 here

pieman33h, Jan 10, 5:10am
and they are blaming it on tensions in iran! i smell a war.

moosie_21, Jan 10, 5:12am
The real REAL reason (there is a doco on tv soon about this, be interesting to watch):

You can also blame oil speculation, a stronger US dollar, possible war with Iran and Europe going down the tubes!

next-to-normal, Jan 10, 5:38am
every cent the petrol goes up the govt gets an xtra million a day.they must be spinning

richard198, Jan 10, 6:01am
I smell greed. Again!
Crude oil prices are dropping!

moosie_21, Jan 10, 6:15am
Don't watch the markets much do we richard!

xqisit, Jan 10, 7:11am
Except at Gull.

richard198, Jan 10, 9:35am
More than you!
As of 6.30pm this evening, both Brent and West Texas had dropped!

alan1111, Jan 10, 10:00am
Nothing we can do about so why complain. More things to worry about than a extra $1.00 a week putting gas in the car

mk3zephyr, Jan 10, 10:05am
And this my friends is why NZ is such a grandma country, Everyone looks out from behind the curtain but no-one wants to do anything about it like Alan is so quite content to do

a18a, Jan 10, 10:08am
soooo what can we do about it!

richard198, Jan 10, 10:16am
Buy Gull.

bubbles244, Jan 10, 6:37pm
there is only the futures market to blame.

for the layman. this is where speculators or (arm chair brokers) basically make bets on what the price of a commodity(in this case crude oil) is going to do, go up or down.

this unfortunately. has the effect of Chinese whispers and sets concern on the actual commodities market(where people buy sell trade gold oil steel copper bauxite etc etc) and has an effect on the price.

there is no actual cause for the price rise as with the US embargo on trade to iran, the price of irans oil has hit rock bottom anyway.

alan1111, Jan 10, 8:10pm
Ok you think idont care, Well i do but there is nothing we can do about it. Shall we start another email asking everyone to boycott BP again.It dont work.
I said this to my wife last night. Prices rised because of Iran. Well if i had some sort of control like OPEC does i would simply stop buying their oil (irans) when they got no money they will pull their heads in and stop the bullshit they doing.
But in the meantime we have no control so why worry about it.This price hike just means to me personally 1 less Moro Bar so who really cares.

attitudedesignz, Jan 10, 8:14pm

mk3zephyr, Jan 10, 8:15pm
who actually buys oil from Iran!, have been economic sanctions placed on them for years and this includes oil

attitudedesignz, Jan 10, 8:17pm
Hmmm, let me guess, you're an American and you watch Fox news and believe everything Obama tells you.

richard198, Jan 10, 8:43pm
China is the biggest buyer of Iranian oil (no surprise they support Iran!)
The current sanctions are much stiffer now.

elect70, Jan 11, 2:32am
Shoot the commodities brokers .George Bush was going to pull oil fromcommodities marketas it was causing extreme hardship on those that have to have it forheating,particulary the north ern states .

moosie_21, Jan 11, 5:35am
Doesn't matter, the market is controlled by speculators who buy and sell almost purely based on headlines nowadays. The market is not controlled by sensible statistics and business analysis, but people who react very unreasonably to any and all news, no matter how small and insignificant.

And to the poster above who said the US has no balls to fight Iran. Are you insane! They invaded Afghanistan on little context and Iraq on lies. Iran has oil, what the hell is going to stop the US from invading them! Iran, at best, has a basic Industrial Age military capacity. The US is a superpower fighting in the Information Age, with 10 years of recent combat experience. It will be like a turkey shoot.

male_timaru, Jan 11, 6:55am
ahhh but in the 12 yrs i have been buying fuel for the price of a full tank has gone from $40 to $125 for the same vehicle - now that IS inflation and some .

stealthbida, Jan 11, 7:45am
Mobil by us hasn't put up petrol yet, 91 is still $2.04

huffalump, Jan 11, 8:54am
lucky you

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