Petrol resistant sealer.

xs1100, Dec 3, 7:31am
anyone know of one want to make a new gasket for fuel can and cant source a new gasket in nz got to come ex usa and the frieghts $45.00 us for a $12.00 us part hahaha

intrade, Dec 3, 7:33am
not just o ring!
you could make a gasket from nitrail i would say that should be petrol resistant

xs1100, Dec 3, 7:37am
no is a actual proper cut out gasket thanks

grangies, Dec 3, 7:38am
More info needed.

What kind of fuel can, and where does the gasket sit!

Is it one of those old cans that are made from 2 pieces of pressed sheet-metal!

intrade, Dec 3, 7:38am
yeayou can make copies with a knive you know i got no idea what it looks like but i made a huge mother gasket for my waterboiler from nitrail there is loads other materials , roundonesyou can use punchers to make them gasket.

xs1100, Dec 3, 7:47am
tote tanks for a boat,plastic and gasket around fuel gauge and normally use pak n save gas as i get a voucher

meathead_timaru, Dec 3, 7:53am
Nitrile (NBR) is not particularly petrol resistant. Viton is, but costs an arm and a leg.

digger148, Dec 3, 7:59am
My old tote tanks have cork gaskets

intrade, Dec 3, 8:06am
even more easy to cut them out .

geoff_m, Dec 3, 8:27am
Use gasket paper (from car aprts suppliers).
Hylomar Blue is petrol proof sealant - I have used it for sealing petrol tank taps in the past. Normal RTV dissolves in petrol

alfred011, Dec 3, 8:38am
Draw a picture of gasket then get shuk in New Plymouth to cut you out of fuel resistant material they can cut out and make all sorts of gaskets they do a good job.

mm12345, Dec 3, 9:03am
I've cut replacement gaskets for boat fuel tanks (ie where the fuel gauge window sits etc) out of that rubberised cork sheet, and they have been fine for years - no leaks (checked on every fill).

thewomble1, Dec 3, 12:57pm
What about a tube of that 'liquid' gasket stuff. Not sure of its correct name. Squeeze it out of the tube

xs1100, Dec 3, 5:43pm
thats the one cheers might try repco

mm12345, Dec 3, 8:14pm
There's a petrol resistant (but probably not fully petrol "proof') sealant / gasket goo "Threebond 1104". It's a synthetic rubber base - not silicone. Normally used in combination with a cut paper gasket - it's pretty much the standard goo used by outboard mechanics - probably motorbike mechanics too.

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