4.8 petrol patrol

paul271, Mar 18, 8:19am
Has anyone got one of these! Interested in your comments/thoughts on its towing capabilty. I have a boat that weighs 3.3 tonnes, so is right at the upper scale of what they can legally tow (3.5 tonnes). Will one of these do it! Or do they struggle too much!

paul271, Mar 18, 8:20am
Meant to say the 2005 onwards version.

monaro17, Mar 18, 9:26am
towing that much weight it will be appallingly thirsty, i'd say atleast 28-30L/100kms, diesel will tow it better and use far less fuel, mind you they have quite a price premium to purchase

tazcsv, Mar 18, 9:31am
Go for a twin turbo diesel cruiser.

paul271, Mar 18, 6:58pm
You hit the nail on the head there, the price difference is massive! Not worried about its fuel consumption, I only tow it 10 times a year, and mostly its local. I just need the power when I go for a longer tow up north or to the coromandel. Just need to know whether it CAN pull it.

tazcsv, Mar 18, 8:31pm
Short answer is yes it should pull it no worries.

unclejake, Mar 19, 12:42am
I've actually got one (but the earlier shape) and it tows well. It isn't absolutely amazing, and it does use a great deal of fuel, but it has been extremely reliable (until very recently), and they are well priced.

I've had mine for almost 5 years. They are normally two wheel drive and handle a bit ponderously, but they are quiet and smooth with a fantastic 5 speed gearbox

paul271, Mar 19, 4:27am
Is yours petrol or diesel! What did you tow with it!

unclejake, Mar 19, 4:56am
It's a 4.8 petrol. I tow a 5 metre boat often and a 7 metre boat occasionaly. I haven't towed anything much over two tonnes with it yet, but we do lots of WN-AKLD-WN trips towing the smaller boat

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