Mini Cooper what octane petrol please.

excalibur4, Feb 24, 8:12am
We have just purchased a 2003 Mini. Previous owner has already gone on holiday.
Can anyone tell us whether its 91 or 96 octane petrol.

hekylnjekyl, Feb 24, 8:16am
my 02 Cooper runs just fine on 96

intrade, Feb 24, 8:18am
no developed country has 91 octane fuel 95 octane is minimum sold in europe.

socram, Feb 24, 8:20am
I run the Cooper S on 98, but the Cooper should be OK on 96. Ring McMillen BMW/ Mini.

lissa25, Feb 24, 8:23am
95 is good, 98 is better.

intrade, Feb 24, 8:27am
there probably is no 95 in nz but thats what i seen in europe what ever is higher or equal you could use 98 and 91 half and half to bring it up to 95. also avoid any ethanol crap if you can at all cost, unless you have a flexfuel ethanol capable engine and engine managment system. owners manual would tell you all this info

excalibur4, May 30, 5:55pm
Thank you all for advice.

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